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OK, now I saw the footage with seeming ‘blood’ of Melbourne CBD ‘rampage’ which is a FALSE FLAG OPERATION, and that man with blue top…

Thanks to HAWXTER12, who gave me the link
Four dead, 25 injured after car driven into people in Melbourne

First honest impression, “Oh, not much blood at all when they say MOWED DOWN”, and then looking at seeming ‘blood’ I wrote this comment replying to HAWXTER12,

Thank you very much HAWXTER12, for the link!!
0:05 / 2:33
only that bit when you ‘mowed down’ by a car!?
Also, if you get hit by a car, your torso to legs should get damage than your head!??
Did he hit his head??
and why TWO streaks of blood coming down diagonally,
0:26 tincy wincy bit on her left calf?
How come was it ONLY THAT much and there??

2:33 Oh, this doesn’t look real, mate!!
And you know what Hollywood etc can do nowadays.
Also, blood coagulates and turns kinda blackish and dry especially on edges and the surface, right? Also in that liny ditch. I don’t see that at all anywhere so far and
all seem ‘wet’ if you know what I mean.

They obviously can’t show that detailed change when they use FAKE blood, and this was the case I’d say. Same with that guy’s TWO streaks of blood. Also, what were those FAKE undercover police cars/officers doing when he was running on the sidewalk? Can anybody tell me???

(above is now in description of my second video on this false flag

Weird thing is that, though I luckily saw her comment giving me the URL since I was on-line, right after that, YouTube deleted all the comments and showed “Comments currently unavailable.” Soon after, comments were back but YouTube deleted her comment with the URL!!

It was still sitting in my Inbox,
but it’s very strange, because it should say which video that comment came in, instead it says New comment on your channel which usually does not happen. Interestingly, YouTube Notifications didn’t show that comment either,
Her reply with the URL must have been between my comment (second from the top) and the next of hers. Simply disappeared. :O(
And as you can read there, HAWXTER12 had encountered a similar disturbance from YouTube.

Anyhow, on top of what I wrote about ‘blood’ above, I’d say it’s really odd that they REALLY LOVE shoe/s on the ground/coming off from ‘victims’… just like at 0:07, it seems her right shoe is missing but that’s tennis shoes with string, right? Would that be THAT EASY to come off?? when her injury doesn’t seem that radical when we don’t see much blood at all.

And that girl at 0:16, I don’t see any blood but crying like a baby??

And come to that man with 2 streak of ‘blood’ and this time, it’s a WATCH it seems that got off him, lying on the ground, facing up neatly. Who put it there??
And is that ‘blood’ seen under someone’s elbows from this man with 2 streaks?
That means so much blood came from his head?
If so, I would imagine his head/face should be a lot more bloody, but only 2 streaks
And that woman,
In somebody else’s video, the uploader was saying “she was smiling”.
Yeah, it looks like that and yet, it could be just her talking and hard to tell the difference. So I don’t pay much attention to that claim. Yet again, there’s not much blood visible there, only on her finger tips. And then when I came to this part,
I immediately thought this ‘blood’ is FAKE.
It’s PAINT that they use in movies, and as I wrote above, its color, the look, texture etc doesn’t look real. And that liny ditch got the same color and WET ‘blood’ which doesn’t make sense.
(Watch in the video cause the color in the photos are not quite right)
I don’t buy this.
Hollywood would use a lot more FAKE blood abundantly, and I wonder how much that costs… Can it be too expensive for the FAKE police while they’re stealing so much money from us via FAKE fines!??
fake blood available on eBay

Then I watched a video linked from this article,
Thanks to First name Last name, who gave us this link on my video page!

Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?
January 22, 2017 by Dalia Mae
Outside Flinders Street Station, a man in a blue top waves instructions to the driver that killed several pedestrians along Burke Street Mall
By Dee Mclachlan

The Man in Blue Giving Instructions to the Killer Car

This NAILED IT!! really.
The ‘culprit’ was waiting for the instruction.
And the guy with blue top shows up, and before he coming closer,
he went to the driver’s window of that seeming (FAKE) undercover police car, with his body and face facing the driver i.e. FAKE police officer there,
Then he turns towards the ‘culprit’ and starts running,
Compare above video with this one below,

Melbourne Bourke Street Mall car-pedestrian accident
swag killer123

This is in much higher quality, therefore I assume this was taken by somebody inside BECAUSE he/she AVOIDED taking the man with blue top when he was right next to that FAKE police car. But he appears right after that, when he started running
and yet, you can still say that he is right beside the FAKE police car
KUDOS to whoever wrote that analysis, either Dalia Mae or Dee Mclachlan or rather Gary? Anyway, read their analysis and watch the video. It’s clear and obvious that man with blue top (BLUE is of course, Freemason’s color) was giving Dimitrious Gargasoulas when to go where.
I believe the guy with a bat and his mate who come up to the car and hits it, they are also the insiders. That skit is there to leave strong impression of this event in people’s mind, as well as making that man with blue top look not as crazy as he would. After that skit, then the people would think, “oh, another crazy man?” instead of the latter standing out very obnoxiously.

And again,
How could Dimitrious Gargasoulas drive through the sidewalk without knocking down any of the motorbikes and bicycles?
There’s sort of a battle going on YouTube comments between the woken up and asleep. One of our side, Honest Aussie left an interesting comment, so I’ll share it with you here,
*Right click the (any) image and open to a new tab to get a decent enlarged version as usual.

Also another harassment from YouTube when I was to write a reply,
You can see my mouse pointing beneath Zane’s icon but the cursor is at the right edge of the comment bracket and it was blinking but not moving therefore I COULD NOT write a comment at all. This happened before, just one of those things they do to me to harass me, and waste my time.

At any rate, it’s really sad to see so many people have been swindled into believing their show, though flower shops must be very happy.
And then, I saw those flowers I saw on the night again,
When it says “HER MAJESTY…” though I guess that could be the name of the flower shop (and yes, I found it Her Majestys Florist), but it could be their code and was deliberately chosen, perhaps. It seems to me that an insider left them there that night, with such emotional words on the card
Again, the photos from that night,
giving people HINT to BRING FLOWERS for the dead

Maybe I pressed the right button above.
The draft got weird and actually hid the above sentence
though it worked as I wrote after a while.

And have I mentioned that FAKE government started asking for donation?
Just like that Boston Marathon bombing.
While was pretty HONEST about Dimitrious Gargasoulas
You see that allegedly?
Yeah, above was their motive of this false flag operation after all, along with training the newly hired FAKE officers with this drill.

I’m sure those who brought flowers and toys to Bourke Street will be furious if they see my/our take on this, but I actually wonder HOW FURIOUS they will be if they realize the hidden agenda and the fact about this fraud.
I’m seriously looking forward to that day.

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