Monday, January 23, 2017

Freemason connection with Melbourne FALSE FLAG ‘rampage’ and “David Bowie is still alive and well” from a year ago

Kinda sequel to my previous post:

Absolute FAKE, Melbourne CBD rampage is a FALSE FLAG OPERATION of a COMPANY calling themselves Victoria Police!!

Please read that one first if you haven’t.
And now, I’ve got another video link, which is pretty good.

Melbourne Hoax - Australia & The Freemason Deception Exposed

This YouTuber Russianvids had interesting ones on David Bowie, saying he is still alive about a year ago. I put them up on my JP blog but maybe I didn’t do so here, so I’ll show you a couple of them. I think his theory is very convincing especially when Bowie was definitely working obediently and hard to promote Illuminati agenda, unlike some others incl Michael Jackson who were fighting against them.

David Bowie Death Hoax - Alive And Well As "Jack Steven"

100% Proof David Bowie Is Alive - His Death Was A Hoax - Appears On Sky News As "Jack Steven"

I don’t buy Russianvids’s allegation of “Alex Jones is David Hicks” or that flat earth theory, but I’d say I agree with him with above issues. ;o)

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