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FACTS related with Melbourne CBD FALSE FLAG OPERATION carried out by a Company calling themselves ‘Victoria Police’

[REVISED] Another FALSE FLAG at the end of the year - AGAIN in Melbourne, Traitorous COMPANY Employees BUSY Performing FALSE car accident AGAIN, then introduce the MILITARY like (FAKE) Police in town like in NSW!!
for the recent Flinders street car crash FALSE FLAG!!
There is this FAKE Government’s agent named ’ArchimedeanEye’ on YouTube and he has avoided and ignored talking about all the real issues related with this case, but simply keeps ranting lies (that’s all he could do anyway) to confuse or mislead readers so that the mass who believed this false flag LIE as they were told by the FAKE authorities and mainstream media which is bought by big money, would remain in dark.

Obviously, ‘ArchimedeanEye’ cannot argue but sheerly denies or ignores every important point because he doesn’t want others to pay attention to those, and said that all I’ve been telling is all theory. So, here I will write up a memo, a list of FACTS.

Media reported that Dimitrious Gargasoulas threatened his mother’s former boyfriend, physically assaulted him and stole the key and the latter’s car early that morning. We do NOT have any evidence to prove this.

Same with the report on media, that Dimitrious Gargasoulas stabbed his brother
around 2:15am in Windsor, but I find this part of the report below
VERY DISTURBING and not really convincing to say the least because it shows our (FAKE) Police is NOT interested or willing to stop any potential criminal who already assaulted a few people (although that is the very thing they did at Flinders/Swanston intersection):

Later in the day police were pursuing the car at Yarraville, west of Melbourne, but pulled back over safety concerns as the vehicle was being driven erratically and dangerously.
(end quote)

Again, we don’t have any evidence above actually happened. We were just told.

Then Dimitrious Gargasoulas showed up at Flinders & Swanston Streets corner around 1:30pm, and nobody ever bothered to tell us what he was doing inbetween.

I assume they were having the final meeting before the show because it wouldn’t take 11 hours to get to the CBD from Windsor. Anyway, he was having the hazard lamp on at Flinders, as if he wanted to warn people to be careful with his car going round in circle. It can be seen in some videos.

And there were quite a few Crisis Actors at the corner as this video depicts,

False flag Melbourne Australia 20-1-17
Inner Sanctum screen printing

FAKE police car was already there along with quite a few FAKE police officers standing, and the FACT that they never stopped these Actors going on the road, getting near Dimitrious Gargasoulas’ car tells us that they were in it, performing.

FAKE Police must have known who was driving and so forth by checking the number plate and his mother’s former boyfriend must have reported the theft of his car, therefore the FAKE police must have known how violent this Dimitrious Gargasoulas can be as they tell us without us having any evidence, therefore when the REAL POLICE which is NON-existent would have easily stopped the car by surrounding it with their vehicles to block his way, or by shooting the tire of the car and so forth, FAKE Police did NOTHING but just sit there and watch the show as we can clearly see in many videos.

Two men come out on the road and hit Dimitrious Gargasoulas’ car with a bat, which was a skit to make the man with blue top NOT stands out as lone lunatic. OK, this is my theory but if there was no such skit before the man with blue top shows up, people would have thought he is actually very weird and would have paid more attention to what he was doing. The real perpetrator wanted to avoid that and minimize people’s attention to this man with blue top. Therefore, this theory that two men’s skit made a difference, is an important perspective in this false flag operation.

The man with blue top gets to the driver’s window of the FAKE undercover Police car is also an important FACT that many people probably never noticed,
as we can see in this video

The Man in Blue Giving Instructions to the Killer Car

He gets to the driver’s window of the FAKE police car,
and it looks that he is talking with FAKE Police officer/s in the car
His face and body are clearly facing the inside of the car, or at least to the car window.
Then he turns to Dimitrious Gargasoulas’s car and starts running towards it.
As I wrote before, it is clear that this man was standing right next to the driver’s window before he starts running
as seen in this video below,

Melbourne Bourke Street Mall car-pedestrian accident
swag killer123

therefore, it is a FACT.

On top, what we have to wonder is WHY the (FAKE) Police didn’t stop him!?

They KNEW so-called ‘Dimitrious Gargasoulas’ can be very violent (so they say yet we have NO evidence of that) but they didn’t bother people getting near him!?

‘ArchimedeanEye’ kept writing in comments not only on my video but on others, saying that he knows this man with blue top and he is a homeless always in that area. I go there pretty often but I never saw such a man with FREEMASON’s blue top. ‘ArchimedeanEye’ also stated that a person talking to police is nothing weird but happens all the time. Yet, we need some convincing explanation why he did that during this show, and why the (FAKE) police didn’t stop him after the chat.

The ‘theory’ of this man with blue top giving clue to Dimitrious Gargasoulas is not just a theory like ‘ArchimedeanEye’ claims but a FACT. It will be clear to you if you read

Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?
January 22, 2017 by Dalia Mae
Outside Flinders Street Station, a man in a blue top waves instructions to the driver that killed several pedestrians along Burke Street Mall
By Dee Mclachlan

and watch

The Man in Blue Giving Instructions to the Killer Car

Also watch the video we assume someone inside took,

Melbourne Car Terrorist Attack inside car
#Does anyone know how to embed Live Leak video?

especially from around 58 seconds, the man with blue top fervently guiding Dimitrious Gargasoulas to go into Swanston,
There, Dimitrious Gargasoulas is clearly asking the man with blue top if “THAT direction is the one for me to go!?” and the man with blue top is showing him that is accurate by pointing Swanston with his left arm, and “Go, go, go!” movement with his right arm
”Yeah, that’s the way, Go, go, go!!”
They are definitely communicating there then, and after seeing Dimitrious Gargasoulas successfully going into Swanston, the man with blue top enthusiastically shows “V” for victory, or “all ok” at the end.
“We’ve done it!!” he must have thought…
And it’s clear that he’s making V not only with his arms but with his fingers,
He rather seems relieved after completion of his task.
This is not a homeless’ foolish act.

[*VERY WEIRD but below images and text got messed up by And that means I hit the right button again. Blogger never let me use color red and I thought that was because it’s the color of Rothschild. And now, they turned so many letters in red, kinda dark red like the color of blood, and they made the font smaller, as well as hiding some sentences. They changed the color and font of ordinary sentences so that it’ll be harder for you to read. Please make letters bigger if necessary on your browser. Anyway, this hindrance itself tells me that they don’t want people to know the fact that the ‘rampage’ was actually a false flag operation.

Even though so many sentences are messed up below to the end (I never wrote anything below in color red nor in smaller font), what I was writing is that what I noticed, that the blonde actually waves to Dimitrious Gargasoulas (you can watch it in the video) and that was to let him know that she was also working for the drama. Hope you can read this and figure out what I was pointing out. Below, starting with the messed up part…OK, after quite sometime, Blogger seems to have decided to work as they should. I took a photo of what it looked like so I can upload that later to show you. One area above still not quite right, but it seems below is coming out all right for now. Hope it stays that way after Blogger wasted my time and energy as usual.]

Also I found that blonde waving to Dimitrious Gargasoulas, letting him know that she is another insider. First, looking at his car coming (she can be seen right next to the left side of the car further up)
and raise her right arm,
and wave to him. You can clearly see that she waves to him because her angle moves along with the car’s move.
Above in the Live Leak footage, after the bat hitting skit, around 30 seconds into the video.

After that, she and the grey man walk across the road away from the station, as Inner Sanctum screen printing’s video pointed out. So let’s take a look at that,

False flag Melbourne Australia 20-1-17
Inner Sanctum screen printing

So, this is the scene,
Right after the blonde waved to Dimitrious Gargasoulas, she and the grey man crossed the road, indicating and telling him “This is not the way you go!”
If you deny this, you’ve gotta explain WHY they turn around and go back where they were
And the show continues,
No move whatsoever from the (FAKE) Police at all when they could have stopped Dimitrious Gargasoulas easily as I said,
while the man with blue top giving the final instruction, and
the grey man runs along the route Dimitrious Gargasoulas should take to confirm that’s the way to go,
NO ACTION from the (FAKE) Police at all,
Approaching the end of the First Act in Melbourne CBD False Flag,
Total of FOUR (FAKE) undercover Police cars followed Dimitrious Gargasoulas’s car into Swanston who DID NOTHING to stop him. That is a FACT again, clearly visible to anybody’s eye. ‘ArchimedeanEye’ has got to explain why they didn’t do a thing not only to Dimitrious Gargasoulas but also to those Crisis Actors going back and forth on the road, when they could have harmed by this ‘man with mental illness’ though they were actually giving clues to Dimitrious Gargasoulas.

Anyway, KUDOS!! to Inner Sanctum screen printing ;O)

Back to that first video that I saw with seeming ‘blood’,

Four dead, 25 injured after car driven into people in Melbourne

and that CCTV footage after 2:11 shows very poor screenplay, directing and acting..

We see this couple walking down, and she is actually a bit ahead of him
But when they see the car coming, without looking around and NO hesitation, she runs into the shop behind them. I believe that was because it was written on the script,
He even had the time to look at the car, rather than frantically running into Mind Games shop,
Then the car comes but,
Dimitrious Gargasoulas kindly veers to the right so that he wouldn’t hit or touch them!!
Clearly, the width of the sidewalk from the car to the edge is much, much wider at the front compared with the back, indicating what I wrote above.
Dimitrious Gargasoulas VEERED TO THE RIGHT to avoid hitting any pedestrian there and that’s absolute opposite of what we were told by the FAKE authorities and the media, which is all bought by big money, telling us only what the traitors want us to believe
Again, Dimitrious veered to the right is a fact as you can plainly see.

Then, the guy just stands there, while it must have been not that clear for him where his friend went. Not excited, stirred or disturbed with what just unfolded in front of hie eyes, nor shouting her name, looking for his friend frantically, not even a sigh of relief but just standing there as if he’s waiting for his bag of chips in a fish & chips shop…
The car passed them at 2:14, and the man going towards the next shop is at 2:24. TEN SECONDS. Also he just went that way without any hesitation as if he was 100% sure that his friend went in there. He didn’t even look around prior to that. Then he kinda sees her coming out from the back of the shop,
Without even “dashed to her side”, SOME FRIEND he is, right?
he even looks to the other way, as she’s coming out
then they finally face each other but no “What was that!??” “Are you all right!??” and so forth, so calm and as if nothing drastic happened but they just met up for a date.
And we are to believe this entire performance as a proof that Dimitrious Gargasoulas ‘mowed down so many pedestrians’ that we never saw.

On top, when we were told that the drama at Flinders and Swanston started around 1:30pm, the time stamp of this CCTV footage showed 10:37 - 10:38

As Inner Sanctum screen printing said and as I wrote before, this was carried out in order to change the bail laws
and as I wrote before, they started collecting donations cause flowers and toys can’t pay for the Crisis Actors
I hope you who read this realized that we don’t even know if ‘Dimitrious Gargasoulas’ is the real name of that guy who was driving there, and that is another fact.

If ‘ArchimedeanEye’ refuses any of the fact above, he has to present us a counter evidence and explain why the FAKE police never stopped Dimitrious Gargasoulas and/or others at all to begin with. And I have to add the lie at the bottom of all this, which is that Governments are Companies fraud.
*Right click any image and open to a new tab to get it enlarged properly.

and everything incl National University, State Schools etc.

This is the FACT and this is our reality.
They’ve been deceiving the nation for decades, and this is what ‘ArchimedeanEye’ totally ignores cause he doesn’t want people to realize it.

Therefore my question is Why can you believe what these traitorous fraudulent criminals tell us?

Please show this to anybody who believed their story, tell them to NOT let their emotion block their eyes and ears.


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