Monday, January 23, 2017

Absolute FAKE, Melbourne CBD rampage is a FALSE FLAG OPERATION of a COMPANY calling themselves Victoria Police!!

[REVISED] Another FALSE FLAG at the end of the year - AGAIN in Melbourne, Traitorous COMPANY Employees BUSY Performing FALSE car accident AGAIN, then introduce the MILITARY like (FAKE) Police in town like in NSW!!
for the recent Flinders street car crash FALSE FLAG!!
As I told you before, ‘Victoria Police’ is a COMPANY i.e. NO authority over anybody.
Even a seeming police officer virtually admitted it by running away from me.

FAKE ‘Police officers’ intimidating an innocent citizen AGAIN

I was actually in MEL CBD on that day and noticed something was wrong around 2:30pm when I heard a loud noise of a helicopter and saw lots of fake police cars, bikes and officers at corner Victoria and Elizabeth.

And the date was, January 20, 2017
2 + 1 + 7 = 10
1 + 2 = 3
10 + 3 = 13

We went to a shop away from the CBD, then came back and saw the center of the CBD all closed and no tram running on Swanston St and so forth. These were taken a bit before 7pm,
The helicopter was still flying,
You can see “Police” on the side and the Mason’s checker on the tail.
Many (fake) Highway Patrol cars, that we started to see fairly recently.
I don’t remember seeing them in the past.
All the trams were stopped,
After a dinner, the corner Swanston and Lonsdale around 9pm,
Video image of that area then,

Onto Elizabeth Street, full of fake police cars,
Video of that area,

And a lot of fake police officers,
Last year, I heard that they were going to hire 500 more, and after a while, someone told me that they were going to hire 3,000 more. So this was a major drill for all the new comers I assume.

According to my daughter, there were some cars with new design, which means they’ve been wasting people’s money further more, which is what they are very good at.

Then we saw flowers left on the side walk,
I even wondered when I saw them, that somebody inside of this operation deliberately left them there.

And that very flowers with the same card were seen on Bourke Street the following day! Someone moved them there, that means. Who could that be?
They say a pram got hit and it’s still stuck on the bonnet!?? and NO BLOOD at all visible!??
Their story of a baby and small child/ren got hit and/or killed is there to stir up people’s emotion as usual. I watched some videos and photos but couldn’t find even a drop of ketchup/tomato sauce anywhere!!

Anyhow, due to the closure of roads everywhere, we had to walk a long long way…and saw fake police cars and cops everywhere
Everytime I see fake police cars lights of rad and blue, I think, “Mason, Rothschild, Mason, Rothschild…” LOL
Flinders and Swanston,
Flinders and Russell,
Collins and Russell,
Little Bourke, Chinatown
Fake police car, running on the tram track on Swanston
Later, just out of the CBD I saw this vehicle which tells me that they used other company’s help as well in this drama.
When the car’s route was like below according to the Daily Mail article,
they closed from Russell to William & from Flinders to Lonsdale or to La Trobe
which didn’t make sense to me either.
What were they doing in that vast area for such a long time!?? Preparing for next false flag or something??

While walking a long, long way, I thought this was rather a harassment to us on top of casting more control as expected, to make us more obedient and simply obey whatever they tell us to do.
*Right click any image to open to a new tab, will enlarge it properly.

Anyhow, when the fake police having this show at this scale, and the media working hard to convince everybody about their story, it is obvious that this is not what they tell us at all!
The story began with the culprit having some mental illness when they never tell us the real cause of such symptoms (links in this article), then ‘ice’ was added…
Didn’t I tell you that somebody in town told me that ice problem in our area was started by two (fake) police sergeants. And then later they added “Islam” on top. Remember 9/11?? It’s rather laughable.

That night, I met up with a friend and had dinner together. I was glad to find out that he shared the same view as mine, and we were saying, that
we really want to see the blood stain on Bourke Street which they closed so that we couldn’t check at all.

Anyway, in this day and age where everybody has got a mobile, there’s no footage of the car hitting anybody, nor any blood seen anywhere. This is just their story and not real at all.

Then another friend sent me a few links to YT videos,

Melbourne 'Crazed Islamic' Driver Plows Through Crowd - Another Staged Drill?

This guy’s correct especially about the shoe/s, and look at this photo
How come all those pillars still standing just fine when they are trying to make it look like two pedestrians hit there!?? Doesn’t make sense at all.
Another one on the guy with blue top,

Melbourne CBD Looney Hooney remarsted, slow zoom reveals blu mans hair doo

And one more,

As i See it, Lost driver in the Melbourne CBD ? Blue Traffic Signal?

After the ‘culprit’ going into Swanston, several cars follow. When Swanston is closed for regular vehicles always, they must be fake police cars. If they were there, as the video says, they should have stopped the guy going round in front of the Flinders St Station and captured him but they didn’t. That itself is enough proof that this is just another false flag operation. And it’s VERY POORLY DONE.

When they tell us what their solution to this incident, we will know their hidden agenda for sure.

Please tell others!!

*GOT IT, their motive.

Vic bail law set to change after Bourke St
January 22, 20173:00pm

Also there was an article about that man with blue top,

Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?
January 22, 2017 by Dalia Mae


Anonymous said...

This is so fucking stupid.
First, crowd control police were sent to control the busy crowds of Flinders street and prevent people from running in the accident.
Secondly, getting hit by a car may only cause internal bleeding therefore that's why you don't see a lot of blood or was already cleaned up and if the pedestrians were hit into the pillars, it would be hard to damage them because of the fact that they are made of hard steel and other metals and getting hit by the car wouldn't have caused a dent. Are you even sure that's where the pedestrians were hit? Is there any proof that he just hit them and drove off again?
Thirdly,you probably didn't see the trams because they might have not been in that area at the time or were stopped because police informed them that a maniac without a known motive was going to towards the city and knowing Melbourne as a major city, they need to protect the transportation because they can be potential targets
Fourth, They were their for some long to be cautious incase it was the beginning of a chain of attacks on Melbourne similar to the Paris attacks in 2015 and the Sydney siege.
Fifth, they closed those other roads to be prepared for a secondary attack if the motive was organized with others or someone was going to take advantage of the situation at the time
Sixth, when was Islam chosen as the motive by officials? i only heard it was Islam by some random fucks online and was officially determined as drug use, family violence and issues and mental health issues with visible proof of drug use by his facial appearance
Seventh, why would want to see or record a person or a young child getting hit by a car? and there was partial CCTV footage
Finally, the man in blue was doing those stupid hand gestures because he was probably trying to intimidate the driver or was a racist fuck who thought he was Muslim trying to kill Aussies

Done, White Star

Anonymous said...

What is additionally "fucking stupid" anonymous white how the car doing donuts has a towbar and the car parked has no towbar? Also fucking ridiculous is the pram on the parked car and the pram on the footpath....don't you fucking think so??

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Anonymous said...

So if the police/government went to so much effort to hire fake police, and actors to pretend they had been injured, and if the whole thing was staged, then that would require huge amounts of money. I mean, to pay for helicopters, to close streets etc. And if all of this was organised and orchestrated to trick everyone (why did they want to trick everybody incidentally?), then surely heaps of planning would have taken place? Lots of organisation, meetings, rehearsals, notes, logs, inventory control... a very big, well thought out operation. So why would the geniuses behind this fake occurrence forget to put fake blood everywhere? Surely if they are smart enough to pull off a stunt like this, they would be wise enough to have blood right? And if they used a red commodore as the car that commits the crime, and it has a tow bar, are you saying that they decided to use TWO red commodores? One at the start with a tow bar, and one at the end without one? Why would they do that???? How does that make sense? You are a silly billy.

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Aus911Truth said...

Seems a few FAKE Government's agents rushed here to dismiss the claim, but it's simple.

There are many 'disguised (FAKE) police cars' at the Flinders Street Station's corner when the culprit was going round and round there.


All what they need to do was to shoot the tire and stop him there,
But they never bothered but let him go under the guidance of that guy with the blue top.

Really simple to see through the traitors' lie.

Aus911Truth said...

And that

> guy with the blue top

In case, you didn't know, see below.