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FALSE FLAG - Russian Ambassador assassination, hiding a murder of a Russian diplomat!?

You can find many videos on YouTube claiming this Russian Ambassador assassination is a hoax, false flag operation etc and the ones I watched were basically saying “there was no blood”, or “it’s weird that the cameraman kept taking the video while the gunman had his gun pointing at people”.

I think this was the photo I saw first,
and I thought something is not right.
I guess my intuition was correct.

Take a look at this video,

Rus Büyükelçisinin Vurulma Anı! Russian Ambassador Shot Dead!

That black round thing beneath his collar on his left, is that a bullet coming out from behind or something?? If so, that area should look so bloody straight away,
He loses his balance…
As they tell us, he got shot from behind therefore naturally, he leans FORWARD and you’d expect him to fall on his stomach
also because of his BIG BELLY which must be pulling him to FORWARD, BUT
as you probably saw it on the news, he was lying
on his back!!

Is that because it was hard for him to lie on his stomach?
OR because they didn’t want you to see his back!?

Below is after a bit over 40 seconds after the shots,
we can’t see any blood spreading on the floor…or is there underneath his elbow?
No, I think that’s just a part of his jacket.
Though we are NOT allowed to see the entire scene, I found it odd that we don’t see any move of his body apart from his right arm going down to the floor. I would expect to see some wiggling in tremendous pain but there’s none.
Is that natural?

Another one, 50 seconds or so after the shots,
No apparent blood.
Especially his shirt which should show quite a bit of blood stain, is still so white.
Some say they see bloody pond underneath his head, but can we see any agonizing feature in his face when he was getting shot in above images!??, I’d ask.

I assume you could attach a bag full of fake blood onto the back of his head, which would collapse at the shock of him falling down on the floor, then you can create such ‘bloody pond.’ I seriously think it’s odd that his shirt doesn’t get any stain at all. And I think this is a trap they planted, while so many videos on YouTube saying “this is a hoax!” because of the lack of blood, they could turn around and say, “Hey, what’s this underneath his head!?” so that they can smear and deny that allegation to say this is a false flag operation.

Some speculated how many bullets the gun could have cause it sounds there were more than 9 bullets initially. When I saw this article,
and saw that word ‘Al Qaeda’, it basically confirmed me that this is an absolute false flag.

Remember Robin Cook, the UK politician who resigned in protest of Iraq War after 9/11, who told us that Al Qaeda (or Qaida) was created by CIA et al, and then killed with symptoms of heart attack while he was hiking. Many of you should know that William Colby, then the top of CIA told the Church Commission that CIA has a gun with icy bullet to kill people with such symptoms.

Nowadays, their technology must be more advanced especially with electromagnetic weapons. And only recently I wrote two articles on my JP blog about this Japanese doctor who wrote many books including the one titled “If you stop taking your medicine, your illness will be gone”. Dr. Toru Abo was a professor emeritus at Niigata University, an expert in immunology and was very popular.

Prior to his sudden death, he was apparently telling others that his laboratory got messed up three times or so and he was saying, “If I die suddenly, please think I was killed” and he died all of a sudden.
What are we to think then?

We heard that he died from Aortic dissection and I personally believe they could cut his aorta somewhere (probably near or in his brain or heart) with electromagnetic ray to cause that problem to kill him.

He was famous especially among people like me who realized that the modern medicine is a shocking fraud, but he was a professor emeritus of a national university. They should report his death in their obituary at least, but NONE of MSM did so.

Of course, I don’t expect them to tell us that he was assassinated (you wish) but they should have told us his passing away AT LEAST, and yet nobody did.

Compared with such an incident, this ‘assassination of Russian Ambassador’ is getting a huge coverage around the world. That itself tells me that they, MSM and their bosses behind the scene want us to believe their story.

Another thing that caught my eye is when the shooting stopped, although we are not allowed to see the entire thing, but when the camera shows the gunman, his right arm is facing down with his gun, another arm pointing the roof - almost making the “as above so below” shape.
Is that what you would do right after so many shots and you injuring or killing somebody!??

While I would expect him to be in emotional hype, he seems in a way so calm. That is very odd to me as well, when he is only 22.

On top, like some pointed out as I mentioned at the top, I question about this cameraman’s choice. i.e. if I were him, I would have moved the camera or its range right after the shooting began, so that I could capture the so-called assassin by himself or both of him and the Ambassador in the shot. Then I could have gotten a real super drastically unimaginable scoop. But he didn’t do that. WHY NOT!?
Probably because he was NOT advised to do so, is my answer to that.

And then I heard that his motive seems to be to retaliate Russia and the Syrian Government or rather, Assad for what they did over Aleppo. And yet, didn’t you hear that so many things we were told, happening over there could be all false?

Then you would ask,
Why would the Russian Ambassador agree to perform a drama of his assassination?

I think it could have something to do with this Russian diplomat’s murder.
Russian diplomat is shot dead at his home in Moscow hours after the assassination of ambassador in Ankara

Perhaps they want to make us focus on the fake assassination of the Ambassador, while hiding this murder of a diplomat, Petr Polshikov.

Odd thing is while Russian media REN TV reporting this murder,
Russian authority hasn’t confirmed this at all.

Why do they need to ignore it? or they need for us to overlook his murder?

Actually, I strongly speculate, if we ever get any follow-up report on Petr Polshikov’s death, they would most likely conclude this to be a suicide even though they found the gun under the sink in the kitchen (seems far away from the diplomat’s dead body).

Readers from Russia (I know I get quite a few), please let me know anything in the comment below.

Anyhow, back to that false flag performance, I’d say those witnesses must have been Turkish version of the Crisis Actors,
The woman on the left is showing her ability of acting very well, and yet, she’s not shedding a tear while she seems to be so scared and crying.
That cliche of ‘Muslim terrorist’ (=LIE) was a Turkish police officer,
of age 22,
who eventually shot dead with blood visible, LOL
but I don’t think they showed us any video of this drama. WHY NOT?
And here’s a conclusive evidence of this drama,
This ‘assassin’ was SO METICULOUS to fix the picture frame on the wall AFTER the assassination!? It’s laughable!!

As usual, please tell others that the FAKE Governments ( and MSM (mainstream media, although I’m not sure how much we can really trust so-called ‘alternative media’) tell us lies constantly.

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