Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You are actually free to pile up garbage on your land, on your FEE SIMPLE property. Also they can’t tax you!!

A friend of mine gave me a copy of a ruling at the High Court of Australia back from 1923,
*Right click the image and open to another tab to enlarge it properly
and YOU save these images and forward to others, please.

Further down the content, he underlined
bit bigger for you to read,
So you see, you can do anything you want on your property! which can enter into the imagination, including the right to commit unlimited waste, LOL!!

Also, that part - ”the State shall not be entitled to compensation in respect of the loss of any rights of dominion, taxation, or revenue.” is actually telling us that they CANNOT CHARGE US ANY TAX which is that RATES you were forced to pay, and what I’ve been refusing to pay over four years now.

I was sure that this was from the AustLII site, so I decided to find it.
First I did a search and I came across this page,
It had a link to the very ruling, so I clicked it but
that page was a list of referring cases. So it didn’t contain the actual thing.
So I simply went to the AustLII’s page for the High Court, went to 1923, and soon found the very page.
I highlighted the part mentioned above,
and this one,
Just for the sake of it, without any highlight.
It hasn’t been overturned so it’s still VALID!! ;O)
And my question is, why Larry Hannigan hid the last bit?
Anyway, my friend also gave me a note. So I’ll show that to you as well.
Read them all well, and realize you’re getting ROBBED!!
Also on top, remember the so-called ’Governments’ are actually COMPANIES with NO AUTHORITY.

And be sure to tell others, as always. ;o)

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