Tuesday, October 11, 2016

While so many have been dying in Japan since 3/11,

I wonder what the rest of the world will get from this, cause it’s

My friends in JP have been telling me how sick they are or people around them are, and one of them told me recently that she hears situation of children or grandchildren of old men, women died before them etc.
Above shows the huge increase of various illnesses after Chernobyl accident and the red arrow in the second chart meaning where we are now after 3/11, 2011 i.e. Japan will see more drastic rise of illnesses and deaths ESPECIALLY when it’s NOT contained like Chernobyl (though that was not a complete job) but leaking, leaking every single day.

Dying from cerebral infarct, cardiac infarct in their 40’s, 30’s, and even younger which we NEVER HEARD BEFORE. The authority has created this FAKE name, ’necchu-sho’ = heat stress disorder, which has been killing so many over there, but it’s actually the effect of radiation.
Look at the chart below.
Vertical line/figures = population of the country (figure X 10,000).
Horizontal line indicates the month/year and that red vertical line means 3/11, March 11, 2011.
Blue dotted line indicates definite figure and blue line is estimate.
See? So many people have been dying, along with some left the country.

And those traitorous criminals have been spending so much money already to ‘clean the area’ calling it ‘除染’ (decontamination) but it’s just moving contamination to somewhere else, and not a real DEcontamination,
Still piling up - in Iidate, Fukushima

while it’s still seriously contaminated, those traitorous criminals are telling the people who evacuated to ‘go home’. Absolute lunacy but so many have been brainwashed to believe their lie, ‘It’s SAFE’…will certainly be killed sooner or later but much earlier than they would have.
Instead of genuine decontamination and rather on top of above fraud, they’ve been spreading the contamination to all over Japan by transporting the contaminated debris to various places and burn them, to make lots and lots more people living far away from Fukushima sick and die everywhere in the nation - so that it will be hard for people in Fukushima and the area sue TEPCO or FAKE Government later, saying "Oh, we see increase of cancer et al all over Japan, so it's not because of 3/11 accident" i.e. fake excuse.

And while all the rotten tops are enjoying affluent life with some escaped to abroad, now TEPCO is demanding the FAKE Government to pay 8 trillion yen more.
And Abe the traitor
Remember him below?
who can’t even read Japanese (kanji) charactors without script which instructs how to pronounce kanji,
has been promising the world big treats everywhere
Below showing, “22.8 billion yen to Vietnam”
while so many Japanese including small children living in a horrible poverty.

And remember, Australian FAKE Government stopped checking foods coming in from abroad since 2012 - is what my friend told me a few years ago.

Because they don’t really care WHO they kill but HOW MANY they kill.
Notorious Georgia Guidestones and its very top says:
That’s their goal. And we can see their efforts in Fukushima, GMO foods, agri-chemicals, HPV and other poison called ‘vaccines’, electromagnetic weapons such as WiFi, mobile towers, Smart Meters and the list goes on.


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