Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weather manipulation - Hurricane Matthew, without an EYE

Hurricane Matthew which killed so many in/around Haiti
Above is from the satellite image of NASA, hard to see but from below map
which showing the US, Central America and the northern part of South America,
I chose where the mouse is, called “USA8”
The next image is from Wikipedia, I tried to put its URL but the Blogger doesn’t show it correctly as I put it, so without the URL but it’s another satellite image from 28th of September I got off the net
Can you see? There is NO EYE!!
If it’s hard to see that, right click the image and open it in a new tab and if it’s still necessary, save it and enlarge it yourself.

And yet, I checked that image now, it seems Wikipedia altered the image to something else but the new image is also VERY ODD to say the least,
NO EYE!! again.
Does it look like a ‘Hurricane’ to you!??
To me, it looks like just a bunch of chem-clouds!!

On top, I can add to say that the first image (of 28SEP16, above) is showing chem-bomb like (fake) clouds in the center of this so-called ‘hurricane’.

Another image I found on the net from 6th of October
Yeah, it shows a sort of an “eye” but it seems a bit too big maybe?
It doesn’t look natural to me.
Below, of the Great Antilles on 5th of October,
the center of the ‘hurricane’ looks so blurry, so to speak and doesn’t look like it’s spinning powerfully to cause such damage as reported.

Also, as I’ve seen it with typhoons in/over Japan recently, this ‘Matthew’ went to the WEST, and WESTERN so that it can be ready to attack Haiti
One more from NASA’s satellite USA8 aqua image on 06OCT16
shows a lot of chemtrails sprayed on the right side of the said ‘hurricane’.
They are tirelessly manipulating our weather, and killing so many.

Disgusting, as usual.
Please do your bits and wake up more people around you!!

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