Wednesday, September 21, 2016


from Brasscheck, Part 1

Madison Square Park by Ingfbruno
Madison Square Park by alq666
West 23rd Street

Yeah, just like… they should be able to tell us more accurate weather forecast while they are manipulating the weather with their weather weapons, they can tell us how low or high so-called ‘terror danger’ is cause they are just fabricating it all the time.

Part 2

We see similar intimidating interviewing of innocent citizens by Aussie cops on street, eh? Someone who was WORKING at a train station with his uniform on told me that he was interviewed…FOR WHAT!? They are simply wasting people’s money to hire these company employees for their SERVICES, yes that’s because Governments are Companies!!
Australian Federal Police officer’s top says “PROTECTIVE SERVICE
*Right click the image and open to another tab to enlarge it properly.

So, back to that first bombing in WTC in New York…

Folks, don’t just believe whatever they tell you cause they constantly lie.
And warn others!!

Oh, here comes Part 3
Click and watch/read it there. ;o)

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