Saturday, August 20, 2016

WOW!! There at the notorious Council on Foreign Relations, CIA Director commends CHEMTRAILS as one of “breakthrough technologies”

We see chemtrails all the time above our heads, or on the net like NASA’s satellite images,
and yet, as I wrote yesterday, mainstream media (all bought for money) tends to ridicule us and says there’s no evidence.

Well, how about this then!?
Listen to the current CIA top, John Brennan

He says the estimate of $10 billion/year was made by the National Research Council.

Well, just like that “Federal Reserve” is not a Governmental body but a private bank, NRC is also a private NGO which was created by the request of Woodrow Wilson, who helped Illuminati to create that very Federal Reserve.
Also, while it’s very understandable that every country should express “sharp opposition” because we don’t want to inhale poisons, I wonder which country can actually oppose when so many Governments are Companies already.

Perhaps that tiny country Vanuatu might be resisting though I already saw some photos of that lovely place with chemtrails and chem-sky over it. Yet you know they fairly recently started the poisonous immunization and that was after the criminals started attacking her with artificial earthquakes.

When we cannot count on our Governments because they are NOT our Governments at all, we’ve got to figure out the means to stop these crazy criminals urgently.

Please inform others as far and wide as possible!!

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