Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lie is in a plain site!! Aussie Courts are KANGAROO Court & Beware of fiber dropping from the sky!!

Well, at least I know this logo of the Magistrates Court of Victoria though even those who attend the court don’t seem to notice. But it’s SO obvious.
It’s too small to see, eh?
Bit better, yet…
Still not clear, but you can see the KANGAROO at the top, holding a crown.

The woman on the left is holding a branch and it’s got 13 leaves.
I’m not sure what the woman on the right is holding.
It’s not clear here but when I saw it at court, it seemed this rope kind of object has 9 portions…

Now I found the image in color!
It seems the object the woman on the right is holding is a horn shaped container? Grapes and other fruits/vegetables are seen and there are 6 leaves on the side of the bottom of it.

As you can see, the banner at the bottom says “PEACE AND PROSPERITY”.
Yeah, because they are all companies,
ABOVE: Dun and Bradstreet’s Company Search Results

so it’s very important for them to make profit though I don’t think it’s an appropriate word when describing our Court.

As I might have told you before, Austraia is one of five core Illuminati countries,
so there you go.
Anyway, it’s all KANGAROO COURT because the Governments are Companies!

BTW, I saw the chem-fiber flying down from the sky the other day.
I couldn’t capture the first ones looked more like liney cob web due to the wind blowing all away from me. Yet I found another coming down from the sky and got onto the ground.
*If just regular clicking doesn’t enlarge the image right, try right click and open in a new tab.

This one looked like some thread got into a ball shape, but they say this kind of fiber is the cause of Morgellon’s disease so please be careful.

I saw this moon and a bird on the way home.
Even though we’re living in this crazy world with lots of evil criminals in fake power, we’ve gotta enjoy life as well.

Have a nice weekend everybody, and keep waking up others!!

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