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“Best Chemtrails of 2016” and a very interesting interview & more...

A friend of mine sent me a link to this video and it’s got very interesting footage via C-SPAN

So I searched for this “Bob Fletcher” and found this very interesting interview.

Weather Control and the Drug War
An Interview with Bob Fletcher

Please have a read along with this article,

Chicago Tribune
Feisty Militia Members Lecture Senate Committee

From directly above,

“We don't need private armies to protect us from our own government," Levin said.
(end quote)

I bet the readers of this blog should surely know that we definitely need something to protect ourselves from the rotten and fake so-called Governments which are Companies, deceiving nations.

I tried to find what Bob Fletcher is doing nowadays, and found this site
Seems he is into “Nibiru/Planet X”…
I personally suspect that is alternative of what they wanted us to believe about “aliens” therefore I’m not sure if Mr. Fletcher is still genuine, brainwashed or what?

On that ‘alien’ story, please read what Bill Cooper had to say.


That’s identical to what Dr. Carol Rosin said in that “Disclosure Project” which I heard, was infiltrated probably from the beginning… is not showing me this video I embedded below, so in case, here’s the link. And quite often, when I tell others what they hide etc, they'll show it all right. One of their games they play.

Though I’m sure many people wouldn’t like that claim (Beware of their scheme, using your emotion!! Read what a brain doctor said), you’d better observe facts and think well.
*Right click and open to a new tab to enlarge the image properly.

If you have time, there is a video almost 3 hours long:

June 15, 1995
U.S. Militia Movement Committee members heard testimony concerning the so-called “militia” movement from federal and local officials and militia members.

Anyhow, I wonder what has happened to the militia movement in the U.S.A.
Perhaps infiltrated, divided and destroyed by fake Government’s agent as usual?

In the meantime, some people are hopeful with the bill in Rhodes Island I assume,

Anti-Geoengineering Legislation In Rhode Island Is Still Alive
February 29, 2016

I’m not so sure about that Wiginton guy, who’s been telling people to stop using the term “chemtrails” but stick to “geoengineering” (WHY?) and who’s not touching the lie called Anthropogenic Global Warming and that traitorous fraud of Governments are Companies just like the guys with “Why in the world are they spraying?” who are now calling for (more) donation in order to file a
I replied to Michael Murphy and his mates about Governments are Companies therefore fake lawsuit/drama wouldn’t solve this problem but got no reply whatsoever.

That means they are basically doing the same with so many fake 9/11 truthers who’re just demanding a real investigation when all our Governments are Companies which would NEVER do the job right at all. i.e. it’s indicating that they are gatekeepers as usual.

Anyhow, the current bill can be seen here, FYI

Rhode Island House Bill 7578

While we’re getting divided and mislead, they’ve been making progress with their various dark plots, and now pushing that cash-less world agenda starting with Korea and Sweden apparently,

The death of cash could give governments more control, experts fear
Countries like Korea and Sweden are looking at making the move towards a cashless society. But money experts fear that the complete disappearance of hard cash would not benefit ordinary people.

so that they’ll know who’s buying what and when = another path to their total control.

Yet, no matter how many fake Governments’ agents are working in every truth movement and misleading the mass, we’ve got to fight back and stop this ridiculous crime called chemtrails
Yeah, waking up to the weirdly colorful sky full of chem-clouds
Various colors obviously telling us the content, nano-particulates of heavy metal toxins etc in the fake clouds…
You call this ‘natural’?
Sometimes, I see them being SO blatant and probably laughing at us thinking many of us are way too busy checking mobiles i.e. looking down, and never look up in the sky to see the obvious like this I saw
But here and there, they’ve been showing traces of their crime,
* HIDES the image especially of its title on and off.
I mean there must be two images right above here.
Try to see it if you don’t find it by clicking below link, or copy and paste it into your browser if clicking doesn’t work.

Link to above document
*Interestingly, I uploaded two images which is the face of the document and the first one shows its title, “WEATHER MODIFICATION: PROGRAMS, PROBLEMS, POLICY, AND POTENTIAL” on my previous article
but the hid that image!! I did the same here above, putting two images of the U.S. Senate document from 1978, so let’s see if they ever allow both to show up or not

Anyway, chemtrails/weather weapons are seriously heinous crime along with so many other crimes they’ve been committing upon us.
The evil modern 10 commandments, Georgia Guidestones
Also GMO > Round Up (Glyphosate) = Monsanto is a company which created Agent orange in case you didn’t know and this guy’s strongly supporting them.
And, electromagnetic radiation everywhere…
Especially, WiFi is a weapon
I told you that I’ve been getting weird metallic noise in my brain 24/7 along with occasional migraine ever since they installed Smart Meter in our neighborhood while we still refusing it,
Many people still believe in vaccines, yet
Teenage Girl Becomes Infertile after Gardasil Vaccination

Euthanasia in old people’s homes is another agenda going on. A friend of mine tells me that her mother is getting drugged in such home in Melbourne NOW.
Please tell others and spread the link to this blog in order to wake up more! cause we’ve got to change the last portion of below.
and we’ve got to change the way so many are SO used to.
because Governments are Companies therefore their ‘election’ is absolutely invalid!!
It’s time to stop giving our power to those traitorous fraudulent criminals.

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