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This video was taken four years ago, but the same thing happening everywhere all the time!

Dyn-O-Gel Chemtrails: Got Drought?.MP4
BonnyCastle100's channel
Uploaded on Jan 10, 2012

It's Satan's Special Sauce: (Sorry for the very amateur videography!) January 10, 2012 over northern California. Enjoying the New Year's Dyn-O-Gel-induced drought. Chemtrails are killing our rainy season. We got some brief "sun" today--a rare occurrence through the chem-crud. We've seen few clouds the past year (no, not those milky chemtrail smears--REAL clouds). None in nearly two months. No wind, no breezes anymore. Just dry, motionless, white-out "weather". They tested Dyn-O-Gel, a cross-linked aqueous polymer, US Patent 6,315,213, from military planes. Do a search: Others think, like I, it's been added to the chemtrail formula. I've seen comments from people wondering about droughts in Australia, Texas, and Montana. It dissolves clouds. Environmental engineer, R. Mike Castle, says it makes your lungs sticky, too. Prepping pulmonary alveoli for the mycoplasma in the trails? In this year's flu vaccine?

Anyone else noticing this in their area? If you have a rainy season it will be more obvious. Someone who doesn't know about chemtrails called today from a nearby county and left a message saying, "Beautiful day today, but eerie. We're at only 19% of normal precipitation."

One of the applications for which Dyn-O-Gel is supposedly being considered is making clear, sunny days over sporting events. Another is reducing hurricane force. As someone pointed out, since this stuff came out in 2001, why wasn't it used on Hurricane Katrina?

Try going to the company website, Or Google "dynomat". I get a faded-out "www" in the url and a blank page.

It must be "climate change" from all that nasty "CO2".
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After watching their video, I tried to open their page, but it showed weird error
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For that water-absorbing polymer, see
United States Patent 6,315,213

Dun-O-Mat, Inc on Source Watch says:

“Additionally, Dyn-O-Mat® holds a U. S. Patent for the disbursement of their formulated polymers into clouds thereby giving them the opportunity to alter weather.”

Well, as BonnyCastle100 pointed out, they didn’t use it to kill Katrina.
Wonder how much they’ve been making by those criminals dropping these polymers and poisons over our heads around the world everyday? And YOU are paying for that out of tax, permit, fines and so forth. How do you like that?

As I always say, please learn how the sky looks like AFTER chemtrails/lines were sprayed.

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All kinds of censorship and destruction i.e. harassment as usual!!
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