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So, David Bowie died at age 69 after battling with cancer for 18months…

So, that’s
6 and 9 and 18 = 6 6 6

Some years ago, I watched a video of a lecture of Dr. Kozo Niwa M.D. and he was saying that he never wrote “cancer” as a cause of death on any death certificate of his patients. Along with above numbers, I really wonder what actually killed Bowie whose image with thunderbolt is well known.
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I guess many of you remember that Disney’s
Yes, thunderBolt is one of Illuminati’s favorite signs/symbols.

Bowie’s “Labyrinth
certainly contained some of their signs/symbols, and as for the thunderbolt, Lady Gaga was wearing it too,
She’s showing that all seeing eye there as well.

Michael Moore who showed that horn sign here,

also showed the frame sign

in this video

and it’s apparently got some versions…
David Bowie was showing one of them around 16 seconds in this video below.

Did you know that DiCaprio’s new film
which has won three Golden Globe contained scenes with chemtrails / chem-sky?
Above images are taken from this video below.

They’ve been showing chemtrails and chem-sky through various media such as movies, ads, posters, TV drama etc for decades in order to convince ordinary people that they are real natural clouds.

Same with other Illuminati’s signs/symbols.
They’ve been imprinting them to the mass, make people familiarized with them, in the way so that many would love them or think “it’s COOL” etc as well as using them as a code to let those in the know see that the ones showing them are working under them or working with their underlings.

Even in that super popular “The Sound of Music” of Julie Andrews, in the scene where the von Trapp family waiting for their new governess at the dinner table, we saw the obelisk
And when Julie Andrews portrayed Gertrude Lawrence in Star (trailer),

you can see an all seeing eye in the back on top right corner around 1:45 where she’s dancing with “Noel Coward” as shown below.
Also she shows that horn sign on her both hands when she’s dancing around 3:26. It’s really hard to see it in above video, but we’ve got its DVD and saw it some years ago to my amazement.
Sorry for the low quality! I took it when I saw it.

And my favorite singer and song writer Randy Newman who wrote music to many movies…
I was a bit shocked when I found this though I’m not sure if Randy was fully aware what he was doing or not. I was/am a big fan of his and he once even let me stay a night in his house in Santa Monica years ago. That’s when he was with his ex-wife Roswitha.

The same horn sign can be seen in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” around 8 second in below footage,

He also shows his tongue sticking out shortly after that,
That’s of course reminds me of
as well as that fake 9/11 truther and fraud, Yumi Kikuchi and Princess Masako and her daughter (both in JP but you can see the photos).
I guess that could have something to do with their reptilian story.

Back to the Satanic horn sign, I also found this in Monsieur Verdourx
though the thumb is not touching the two fingers.

And 2006 horror, Silent Hill when Christabella shouts “Witch!” to Rose,

They say the evil criminals used the huge sum they stole by faking the moon landing in order to create the weather weapons such as chemtrails, HAARP and alike. I’m aware that more and more people are realizing that we are getting sprayed everyday with toxic nano-particulates. I even met a man locally who told me that he sees a helicopter flying over our three dams in the area every night, which seems that they are spraying over our water resources. I bet they’re doing it all around the world.

It’s seriously a horrendous crime, you see.
So if your friends and family still not aware of this, please show them below short videos and ask them to remember the sky years ago, and observe the sky now as well to compare. Though it could be a bit difficult if the person is age around 20 or younger, because it means he/she has been brainwashed more than a half of their lives. Even so, we’ve got to keep waking up others.

Chemtrails - They spray on & off...

 Chemtrails - Do you say these are natural clouds!?

Toxic chemtrails & chem-sky

Chemtrails/chem-sky are definitely one of the reasons why we’ve got to topple our rotten and fake Governments in a peaceful manner.
Please do your bits everyday!!

P.S. I found this video on YouTube,

David Bowie death at 69 Satanic Occult Dark Star Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

Not sure about that “Jesus Christ” much when Illuminati rewrote the bible many a time and has been using religions to suit their agenda. But it seems I’m not the only one who suspects the cause of Bowie’s death.

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