Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Battle against the Traitorous Fraudulent Criminals 2 - My reply to the evil law firm of Freemasons

Please read the previous post before start reading this if you haven’t.
So I assume many of you were wondering what I wrote back to Maddocks.
Here’s what I said below and I’d say,


Revealing your shameless lies again

140 William Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000

RE: Your letter dated XX/XX/2015

It was an absolute waste of paper and ink when you included print out of what traitorous fraudulent criminals have been making up to suit their greed. It didn't provide any proof that all the Governments in this country are not Companies but real, legitimate, lawful, constitutional, valid and de jure Governments at all. Both so-called 'State of Victoria' and the 'Parliament of Victoria' you mentioned in your letter are Companies showing up in the Company Search Results on Dun & Bradstreet - attachment #1.
*Right click and open to a new tab to enlarge the image properly.

Also, while the referendum on 25 July 1988 on 'Local Government' was clearly denied and not carried (#2),
it is obvious that so-called the 'Local Government Act 1989 (Vic)' on which you base your lies is absolutely invalid.

It was interesting to see you repeated stating "The City of Moonee Valley" while I do not reside there, indicating there is somebody in that area fighting against the criminals just like I do.

You maybe wish the majority is still under deep coma and heavily brainwashed, but more and more people are getting aware of this huge fraud day by day. There will be more who follow the way Terry and Claire Martin showed as reported on the Coffs Coast Advocate back on 19th May, 2010 (#3).
(Please read the article about a couple who refused to pay fraudulent rates which is equivalent of ‘property tax’ in the U.S. and be sure to read the comments there, too.)

Also a friend of mine has found an interesting obituary of your founder John Henry Maddock (#4).
He was a "leading Freemason holding many high offices including that of Past Deputy Grand Master." That tells how evil your firm can be. As I stated before, none of your letter shows any name along with a signature of individual lawyer at your firm which shows how coward you guys are. None of you wishes to reveal your identity to take any responsibility of what you write.

As the Chief Justice Latham stated in 1942, we are all entitled to disregard any pretended law, and you who assisting the traitors are to face treason yourself (#5).
Here I attach a copy of the Notice of Default (#6) I sent to you last year to remind you that you have to arrange a full refund of the money your client, the XXX Shire the company has swindled off me over the years immediately.

Signed this 12th day of May 2015 at (my address), Victoria.

(singed and sent)

Notice of Default

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

RE: Your Ref: Court Number XXX

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

[my name]

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal,
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Respondent sent Proponent "Notice of Fault" dated 19th March 2014 to advise that Proponent failed to present any evidence to claim that so-called 'Local Government Act 1989' is a lawful, constitutional and valid law as well as all the Governments in this country are lawful, constitutional and valid de jure Governments. Also Respondent advised to give Proponent another opportunity to show such evidence to Respondent again.

However, Respondent received nothing from Proponent - the Magistrates Court of Victoria. Respondent has received a letter from Proponent - Maddocks, a very intimidating letter, ignoring all what Respondent wrote to Proponent without any individual's name or signature again.

Ignoring the allegation and/or question does not make them disappear.
Deliberately avoiding the matter of the authenticity of so-called Governments in this country along with their "Acts" itself indicates the guilt of Proponent.

It is just like, a murderer telling you he did not commit the crime without showing any evidence of his innocence while irrefutable counter evidence has already been presented, and you are to believe his words only... And you call yourselves experts of law?

Proponent - Maddocks wrote they would "seek instructions to apply for judgment against you" but it didn't say "instructions" from WHO? If that is any court within this country, Proponent will HAVE TO present verifiable evidence that entity is a legitimate, lawful, constitutional and valid de jure Government's body. Otherwise, all what any court of the private corporation under a company named "Commonwealth of Australia" registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States orders is null and void.
As a result of not providing a sufficient response, Proponent has agreed to the following.


In the absence of verifiable evidence to prove that the Magistrates Court Victoria is a lawful, constitutional and valid de jure Government's body and the 'Local Government Act 1989' is a lawful, constitutional and valid law under the de jure Government of the State of Victoria and the de jure Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, Proponent acts fraudulently for Corporate Entities therefore their 'Court Order' is null and void. Thus Respondent has no obligation to pay to XXX Shire Council at all and in fact, XXX Shire must refund all the money they have swindled off Respondent immediately. Besides, even if the Company called Commonwealth of Australia manages to fool the nation again and conduct so-called 'referendum' to legitimise the Local Government, that will also be null and void because it will be done by not the de jure Government but the Corporate Entity.

Take notice and govern yourself accordingly.

Note: The definition of all words is to be found within common English dictionaries. Respondent believes Proponent does the same with the definition of all words.

Signed this 8th day of April 2014 at (my address) Victoria.

(signed and sent)

WAKE UP everybody, we’re all CONNED!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I took a page out of Scott Bartle's book (Video) and sent a letter to Census 2016. That was in mid September and to date have had no reply. Still waiting for a reply and prove that they are a De Jure Government of the Commonwealth as per our Australian Constitution of 1900.

Yes, no one in Government De Facto (Corporation) wants to commit to proving the validity of the Letters of Patent 1984.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I didn't complete the 2016 Census, and they didn't receive any information from me any shape or form.

I will say, if this was a De Jure Government of the Commonwealth, for the people, as per our constitution of 1900, I would gladly do my bit as I know that this is for the betterment of Australia and the people.

Unknown said...

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Aus911Truth said...

Hi Burton, or Adam

I didn't see your name or face on the site

anyway, you seem to be a lawyer somewhere, so what do you say at the current world full of deceit and fraud? You're already in this fraudulent system and I wonder if you seriously intend to change it somehow or not.