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EMR/EMF damage, and more seriously: Electromagnetic Weapons - Listen to what Barrie Trower has got to say!!

The other day, I posted this and told you a bit about the damage I get from EMR/EMF due to neighbors' Smart Meters, WiFi and mobile etc when we have none of them ourselves.

Well, actually I found the victims of a crime called mass stalking in JP uploaded images of the damage they get from EMR attack here. The cult called Soka Gakkai (France has identified Soka Gakkai, SG as cult while JP media never warns people there cause SG is very powerful, owning one political party and has infiltrated everywhere in the society) is behind this mass stalking (I just found one blog in English on the crime), and it is similar to what the Washington Post reported some years ago, titled Mind Games. It’s a lengthy article, but a MUST READ I should say. It’s mind-boggling. I wonder if there’s any victim of a similar crime here in Australia…

Anyhow, as for the EMR/EMF damage, I get similar problem to above, exactly the same as this one from above victims’ page
*Right click and open to a new tab to enlarge the image properly.

especially when I’ve got some stress i.e. when my immune system is down.
I get rash all over my body, and the skin turns red.
And it’s super itchy. Mass stalking victims say the same. Also a mother of a girl who got injured by some poisonous vaccines told me that her daughter gets the same kind of rash which is super itchy. It’s really itchy therefore I can’t help scratching, and then it can get worse.
Above was taken when the condition was not that bad and yet, even the wrist watch’s band made me feel sore, so I used tissue…
This happens not only on arms but almost everywhere.
When it gets really sore, I apply vaseline which works for certain skin problems. A JP Dr. Natsui M.D. found the conventional way of treating patients with scratch or injuries on their skin is actually a torture and he has figured out to apply vaseline, then wrap the area with cling wrap!! That way, he claims the skin heals much quicker. For details of his moist wound treatment, please see his English page.

Back about the EMR/EMF damage, along with rash, the skin gets swollen. Once my face got so swollen and I looked very different. It was horrible. And that’s why the wrinkles on the neck (above) seems deeper than usual.
Above is obviously the result of me scratching hard but it’s absolutely unbearable. The condition I’ve had was really horrible and annoying. I bet there are many who are suffering from the same or similar conditions but without knowing what’s causing it.

My doctor suggested to me to go and see an allergist so I did. Spending some hundreds of dollars, he couldn’t find anything. I told him at the very beginning that I strongly suspect the EMR/EMF as the cause but he didn’t listen to me at all. He made me have a test to check if I’m allergic to tens of different substances, but it came all negative.

There AGAIN, I saw the problem of this thing called modern medicine.
I mean, they should listen to YOU well, when YOU must know about YOUR body better than they do, don’t you think? Well, the major part of the modern medicine is just another fraud, so what do you expect!? I simply wasted some hundreds of dollars, my time, energy and petrol.

Talking about the modern medicine being a fraud, one guy, a victim of mass stalking has got one page in English and he talks about it, specifically so-called mental/psychiatric medicine. I totally agree with him on that. Ever since I learned about various horrible effects of heavy metal toxins (some links in this article), I can tell you that psychiatric medicine is a fraud for 100% sure, just like cancer treatment.

Anyway, the damage I get (above plus constant metallic noise in my brain 24/7, and occasional headache) is bad all right for me but it’s no comparison with what Barrie tells in the video below.

Here I upload the full interview in one, and then the same with JP sub but divided into five parts so that you can watch the whole thing at one shot or take time.

And part 1 to 5,

Please tell others.
Especially if you know anybody who’s suffering from similar condition as mine. That could be their Smart Meter, WiFi or the solar panels they installed on their roof top. Unless you have some gadget, you’d be zapped pretty bad 24/7.

Right, so-called sustainable or alternative energy i.e. solar, wind power are all about another environmental contamination and health hazards, poison on us. Why do you think the Governments which are actually Companies promote it and subsidize!? Same with immunization/vaccination that many people are still blindly believing in without checking vital facts but listening only to so-called experts who are bought by $$$.

Time to wake up and start questioning!!

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