Thursday, November 12, 2015

Weather Modification - They had been doing it “OVER THIRTY YEARS” when they talked about it at the US Senate back in May 1978!!

It’s really unbelievable to me that so many people don’t even know about chemtrails, those poisonous fake clouds the traitorous fraudulent criminals have been spraying over our heads around the world for decades. So I need to tell you that they were talking about it at the Senate in the U.S.A. or rather, U.$ A. so many years ago.

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I mean there must be two images right above here.
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As usual, they say they’re doing it for good cause just like we heard in that Global Warming Swindle that Al Gore sold to the world,
to convince already WAY TOO trusting and dumbed down people or rather sheople as someone I know in the US said, but the reality is obvious when you remember that Governments are Companies i.e. traitorous con men and women lying to us and stealing from us every day. With that fact, how can you trust what they tell you?

And they’ve been doing this over 30 years!!
Seriously, if their intention is truly genuinely benign, why don’t they tell us about what they’ve been doing by spraying aluminum, barium, strontium, boron etc poison over us around the globe for decades?

Poison Control Center not receiving calls about barium poisoning is mainly because people can’t tell their weird symptoms are caused by barium to begin with, I assume. That happens with immunization/vaccination fraud ALL THE TIME. And of course they’re spraying in Australia too, in case you didn’t know.

Make sure to read some articles on Heavy Metal Toxins, I put some links for you in this article. They are the real cause of, starting from autism, developmental disorder, learning difficulty, delinquency, Asperger, depression, schizophrenia, domestic violence and violent crimes excluding inside jobs! Don’t you deny that without checking facts, displayed by genuine doctors and scientists who are not bought by $$$.

Anyhow, our sky is always with full of chemtrails and the result of them. We hardly ever see real natural clouds anymore and yet, the majority of people are busy texting and never observe our sky… *sigh*
Do you really think these are all natural!??
We are to inhale all these poisons, and our water, crops get contaminated as well…
When my child was small, the summer was with blue sky, blue sky, blue sky, over 30 degrees everyday, and quite often it was over 25C at night so we couldn’t sleep well. But in recent years, OK we get crazily hot days but they are about 10 days a summer. And even on those days, it’s super hot when you are in the sun, but if you go into the shade, it’s cool to cold. And the nights are also cool to cold and I actually used my doona all through the summer to be honest.

Therefore, I believe they are enhancing the heat from the sun by spraying chemtrails.

We had some hot days like that like, last week.
But now back to the winter. How come?
Because, the earth has been actually COOLING DUH! and that’s why they had to alter the term from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” to hide their lies and confuse us as usual.

Many would think “It’s beautiful!” with clouds like below, but they are actually poisonous..
Rainbow color clouds?
That’s because of the reflection of the sun light with those toxic metals…
Why always so liney clouds, eh?
This is seriously a shocking crime upon us folks!!
I haven’t seen the real scale (like scales of fish) clouds for years. These are not real. And underneath, you can see those cirrus clouds made by chemtrails. Nowadays, they rewrote everywhere, so you cannot find it unless some old encyclopedia might have the correct description I wonder, but I saw before they altered it on Wikipedia that cirrus clouds are to form high up in the sky on a cold, cold day in the winter time. But we see them high, low, spring, summer, any day everywhere. Don’t be fooled.
And of course, the ripples… chemtrails + EMR
This one below shows clouds over Japan and you see ripples there too along with long chemtrails.
All result of chemtrails…they spread and change forms. You’ve gotta observe the sky when you have time and then, you will see what I mean.
I bet many people say it’s a beautiful sunset, but I see lines, and why is it so red?

I sometimes see pink sunset too, but the real sunset was rather orange if you remember.
Even at night, we see halo around the moon, and that’s of course the work of chemtrails!
When you think “it’s pretty”, you are forced to inhale poisons.
Now, this is definitely one big reason why we’ve got to topple our rotten Governments which are actually Companies by NOT giving them our power
= $ and votes!
. You should write on the ballot paper with a ball point pen, “Governments are Companies therefore this election is invalid”. They’d call it an invalid vote, but they’ll see many are aware of their crimes.

Remember, the fake Governments’ officials are scared of us.
And we’ve gotta scare them further more and then, beat ‘em once and for all.

Please do your bits, and tell others!! ;O)

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