Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Battle against the Traitorous Fraudulent Criminals 1 - A letter from an evil law firm of Freemasons

I have been refusing to pay rates for some time because the Local Government is absolutely unconstitutional, on top, it’s actually a Company and not a ‘government’. Just open DnB.com and put any public entity incl your kids public school. All Companies!

Why pay tax to a company? That’s exactly what the majority of home owners in this country has been doing for years because they were swindled into trusting the fake authorities, and because the majority has been SO dumbed down, sadly to say.

Anyhow, after a series of exchange where they couldn't provide me any evidence that they are, along with State and Federal, genuinely real Governments, I received this letter from evil criminal law firm, Maddocks.
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Many people could be fooled with what they wrote because those people never check any facts but ‘trust the authority’. Yet if they ever investigate a bit about the Constitution and basic laws, they should realize this entire thing is just a bunch of lies. And on top, these so-called ‘Governments’ at all levels are sheer Companies. See below, all Company Search Results:
And those bullies, who say we good citizens ‘committed an offense’ and charge us fake fines
though there are genuine people among them whom we’ve got to wake up so that they’ll be on our side when the time comes, but they are all Companies as you can plainly see. The other day, I ran into a woman who was charged their fake fine because she was speeding by 3km/hour!! Isn’t that ridiculous!? Why are people still asleep?? However, this lady told me that she disputed. Good on her!! ;o)
Above, Freemason’s checkerboard design,
Illuminati’s favorite symbol of all seeing eye.
Yeah, please tell me why Star of David in our Police Academy chapel?
Take a close look at that yellowish rostrum on the right of the stage.
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And why is the star inverted?
Above, Victoria Police Ensign, below is sickening Illuminati’s goat’s head - Baphomet.
As you might have noticed, they never arrest real criminals
Why 33?
I assume it is a badge to be given to an officer who achieved to become that 33rd Mason. And I can believe it when somebody told me this area’s Ice problem was actually started by a couple of Police Sergeants in our town. Again, they are creating their job! though I bet many don’t even know that their Company is controlled by the Freemasons.

As a matter of fact, when I was talking to another woman in a supermarket a couple of weeks ago, and when I mentioned about evil Freemasons, she told me that her father was a Mason but he resigned in disgust when he found out what it is all about. Many members don’t know what the real agenda of the organization is. That can be said with so many entities everywhere.

Anyway, so many people agree with me when I say to them, “Governments are Companies” incl above ladies, even when they didn’t know these facts. Because they observe what they say and do well enough, so they can figure out they are working for themselves (and their evil bosses behind the scene),
You see? We’re that DEBT SLAVES from their point of view.

While so many are waking up, I still come across a few who cannot face the reality. One in town said to me that he is happy with the current system when I showed him that the Commonwealth of Australia is actually registered as a Company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and since then, whenever I run into him in town, he sneers at me. In return, I simply despise him because he is either a hopeless idiot or is fully aware with the fact that they’re committing crimes on us and yet is with them. You see, he is a traitor himself.
And while our Constitution states that our Justice system must be independent,
they are also, just another Companies. :O(
Our Supreme Court was turned into just a ‘Business Unit 19’, and our judges are just Company employees. Then how can we ever have real justice!?
All this has been happening mainly because we the people have been so dumbed down with water fluoridation
immunization/vaccination fraud
*I uploaded this image above which is a lot bigger than 1MB so that you can see the details by enlarging it, but Blogger.com shrank its size deliberately. Also, Blogger.com doesn’t show me any of the videos I threw in on this page at all. Wonder if you can see them all right…
(which simply to poison us with toxin like heavy metals, to dumb us down, destroy families and damage societies along with creating their future customers = “patients” to sell more poison) etc,

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into your browser. I’ve been encountering various ‘weird phenomenon’.
No wonder though.

also our attention destructed with bread and circus incl footies, cricket, entertaining industries gossips etc, and simply brainwash us through education only to believe whatever we were taught, told, shown and do not question. Yes, they want us to be just that obedient workers.

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Another thing I have noticed is,
quite often I see some other private companies sharing the same ABN numbers as the fake Governmental organizations’ and I wonder if that’s for some tax purposes? Many things must be revealed when we finally topple this absolutely rotten and fake Governments, folks. And you’ve got to do your bits!
Notice that ‘Services’?
Yes, that reminds me of that our so-called Local Government’s outlet in town had a sign saying ‘Customer Service’ because it’s a company until they thought it might help wake up the citizens and changed it to just ‘Enquiry’. It was rather hilarious. So stupid they are, actually. You see, their lies are in plain site just like 9/11 (September 11, 2001) lies, absolutely in front of our nose and yet many people can’t see them. Just tell me why they, so-called Local Governments have got CEOs on top of Mayors? That’s also because they are Companies!

Mind you, Australia is not alone. In the US,
even Obama himself is a Company!
Governments are Companies means they have no power or authorities over us or anybody! excluding their employees. Therefore, it’s BEYOND the advice of Chief Justice Latham i.e. the situation is actually a LOT WORSE but in a way, easier to deal with!
Now, back to that letter from evil Maddocks, did you notice that it does not carry any individual’s name or signature? Without them, I cannot say that it was written by a legitimate lawyer. It could have been typed up by some secretary or a messenger boy! Actually, it was the same with that so-called ‘Court Order’ which kicked Sue Maynes and her husband out of their property in order to steal it from them.

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They lost everything but they are still in high spirit and will keep fighting.
Sue wrote me fairly recently, “It’s not just about rates” and I definitely agree with her.

Anyhow, in their letter, they wrote “Moonee Valley” twice,
however, I do not live in Moonee Valley! LOL
Maddocks stupidly revealed that somebody in Moonee Valley is fighting the same fight. ;O)

And I know more people are fighting as I write this up.
So, why don’t you join us?
At least, tell everybody you know on earth about this.
Give them this blog address so that they can see it with their own eyes, as a start so that we can finally begin to fix things, and have upside rightfully up!!


Fellow Australian said...

you're a legend mate, keep fighting the good fight.
not sure if I'm ready to accept that vaccines and fluoride are intentionally harmful, but it's clear as day that 9/11 was a controlled demolition.
we will get these bastards one day, without a shadow of a doubt.

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Fellow Australian,

Blogger doesn't give me comments notification so I just read yours now, after almost a year now!!

I'm still fighting and winning the battle actually.
Also if you still have doubt about vaccines/modern medicine fraud, there are links to whale.co pages here and please realize that Jenner who started all these vaccine business was a Freemason. No wonder why they're SO PROUD of his success.

Anyway, thank you very much for your comment and we seriously need more and more 'legend' like me to topple the fraudulent traitorous rotten fake Governments. ;o)

Aus911Truth said...

Oh, they deleted the first link I gave you.
See the screen shot,

The second one is still there, but its screen shot is here:

Unknown said...

can you update on the status of your fight with those motherfuckers pls?

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Robert B,
I just post this cause blogger.com doesn't give me the icon to REPLY.

Anyway, update?
I've been still refusing to pay all of what those fraudulent criminals demand me to pay, and sent back all the FAKE fines, with "No verifiable counter evidence provided" and "VOID", the latter BIG in the middle, both in red, and sent back to them.

I need more to join me though I know many are scared of our FAKE governments. And that's why I created that "Secret" and I really want everyone to say it everyday cause I know it works. ;o)