Monday, April 27, 2015

Microwave radiation dangers - Convenience or your Health / Life?

I hope many of you are aware of his EMR danger.
Electromagnetic rays...

One of the courageous experts is Dr. Magda Havas.

After watching it, you should be able to understand why my child's friend's mother
who's having 2 or 3 jobs was recently told that she might have a cancer. They have hand-free phone, mobiles, WiFi, and I bet they didn't refuse to have Smart Meter like I did.

On top, they probably believe they're eating healthy but so-called 'heathy' foods/drinks got a lot of sugar anyway. And they don't pay attention to wheat or dairy which they should avoid. At least they seem to use sea salt but depending on the product, it could be refined too. Also they seem to believe that horrible myth of "salt is bad for you". The correct version should be "regular salt is bad for you but we need good salt!"

I just saw this page BTW,

Treatment Manual for HPV Vaccine Injured

As it says, it's for HPVV victims but you can learn from the suggestion on what to eat, though you'd better be careful with alternatives of gluten free. Soy, as I might have written somewhere on my blog, is bad for you unless it's fermented in a traditional manner and not chemically.

It's not easy to eat genuinely healthy, but you are what you eat, so we should do our best along with avoiding EMR.

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