Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Papa Kills Babies!!" videos getting deleted all over, it is obvious Alisa and Gabriel were telling the truth...

and Australia is not an exception.
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Above from Vigilant Citizen article.
Also, I found this on this blog
Someone told me that problem of ICE(drug) was actually started by a police sergeant in a local police station, so no wonder they saw some abusers were wearing police uniform. And, no wonder why that anti-ICE movement is kinda big and getting good publicity.

Anyway it seemed this blogger got above from Wikipedia but they deleted that one,
and Wikipedia deleted this below as well,
I remember when my child was very small, a very friendly nice bus driver told me about many kids missing in Australia, and eventually someone told me that an ugly looking TV personality (can't remember his name though I remember his face...) along with the former State Premier of Victoria who started charging us for sending our children to school, who also promoting poisonous 'medicine' for people with depression are actually pedophiles.

Anyway, this Hampstead has been known for this sort of absolutely crazy practice, it seems.
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As many of you might already read, while Alisa and Gabriel are still in criminals' hand, the fake police came to arrest the mother, therefore she fled to overseas. That means no one on decent side has any contact with the children now but that Satanic and dirty 'Papa'. Wonder what's happening to them...

BTW, I've got a comment on my privious article

I wanted to reply but doesn't show me the choice to "Reply" to that specific comment...
Anyway, I'd say Do it yourself! ;O)
You just go to, and search.

Actually, I'm not sure where this "Social Services" belongs to.
Is that Department of Health?
or Department of Social Security by any chance??
Whatever that is working under, as I told you they are all Companies i.e. FAKE with NO AUTHORITY. This is what we've gotta tell everybody so that we can beat them before they kill us.

Now I hope you understand when I say petitions don't work.
Cause requesting or demanding fraudulent traitorous criminals/liars to do something right!? We can't really expect anything to change much at all. However, if we can show them SO MANY PEOPLE are standing up to complain, that is certainly better than nothing especially when the mainstream media is not doing their job of journalism at all.

So for anyone wishes to sign a petition,

Return #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors of London School to their Russian Family!
Petitioning HAMPSTEAD ALLEGED ABUSERS COME TO BE EXAMINED that I strongly suspect, just being there with the same purposes of Illuminati's Facebook = collect everybody's personal information, showed me this petition, related

Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent

I know it's started to happen in Japan too, that fake Governmental body trying to accuse parents and take away children. Just itself is already a worldwide issue. And on top, what Alisa and Gabriel had to go through is so incredibly loathing. When they are still in their evil hands, we've really gotta do something.

At least, it's great to see more and more people putting their video on YouTube though YT is trying to delete all. Oh, to refresh your memory or for those who haven't watched any yet.

And I saw someone organized a vigil in the UK, a bit too late now but
perhaps we should do it here...but gotta be careful of any infiltrators, fake Government's agents cause they're everywhere, they're many and some are very good actors/actresses to fool you, using your emotion very well. Please keep that in mind, always.

At any rate, we've gotta rescue them somehow.
To achieve that goal, please keep spreading this dark and horrible story as far and wide as you can.


Anonymous said...

I am really excited to read about your posts. I was given a flyer in Melbourne CBD and was appalled to find out about how our Government treats its citizens. Good on you for doing this.. its time to wake up people. keep up the good work!

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you very much for your comment. Though I wanted to "Reply" to your comment, as I wrote above, Blogger doesn't show me that option. Hope you get to read this.

Yes, it was me who handed out the flyer. Yes, it's amazing in so many countries, our Governments have been hijacked by traitorous disgusting criminal actors to steal our health, wealth, freedom and rights, and the worse thing is that the majority is still under brainwashing/coma! Please do your bit to spread the word far and wide for our peaceful revolution!! ;O)

Unknown said...

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