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Yumi Kikuchi, the 9/11 'Truther' is actually a horrible fraud!!

It's been over 13 years since that tragic day which woke up so many people around the globe including me. That was the start of realizing various things we were taught and already well established even long before I was born were all lies.

Illuminati's control in our societies is so strong, and our media's been feeding us more lies everyday to further brainwash us with their propaganda such as the tragedy in Paris.

Even WTC 7 collapse is still a taboo to this date,

R.I.P. Danny

R.I.P. Barry

and I keep encountering those who never heard about it.

Upon 13th anniversary (remember, they killed Robin Williams one month before their anniversary), I wondered what those 'truthers' and truth groups are doing nowadays... such as David Ray Griffin (DRG) who sent out an e-mail to notify about his new book,
Seems he is still active but the book doesn't seem to have anything related with "9/11" in it though I haven't purchased it to read, so not 100% sure.

I visited him back in September, 2008 in his home situated right across from a beach in California. I know he allowed that fake truther, a horrible fraud Yumi Kikuchi and her husband Gen Morita to take a video of their conversation. I wanted to do the same but DRG didn't really approve it when I mentioned it and seemed rather disturbed about the idea, so I left it out.

While we were talking about 9/11, it was just fine. When we talked about his dogs, he told me that his mentor was a student or very close with (I believe he said) Bertrand Russell, and he named one of his dogs after his mentor's wife. That made me wonder... to this day about DRG's real motive of his activity for 9/11.

Anyhow, when I started pointing out the Global Warming swindle which Al Gore sold to the world, DRG all of a sudden seemed very uncomfortable, told me that he had somewhere to go soon and I got kicked out. I remember he was said to believe Apollo went to the moon on a radio interview years ago. Interesting, isn't it.

And now, I'd better tell you about this fraud named Yumi Kikuchi though there are some others whom I strongly suspect their authenticity as 'truthers' such as Richard Gage and Steven Jones whom many looked up as heroes, on top of John Bursill I wrote before, along with his mates Frank Legge the chemist in Perth
and Kevin Bracken in Melbourne, the gatekeeper.
Also I should mention about that Port Arthur Massacre 'truther' Andrew MacGregor who needs his pension from the Victorian Police, who told me that the star in their logo became upside down in the early 70's, but I happened to find out it was already inverted when he made his oath in 1968.
*Right click and open the image to a new tab to seriously enlarge it.

But now, I focus on Yumi Kikuchi here.

I wrote several articles about Kikuchi being a fraud on my JP blog a few years back, so if you can read JP lingo, please go there (links are on the right side under "Agents and fraud"). I should have written this in English back then, but recently she repeated her lie again on her email-newsletter, and it seems they're asking for donation in English as well, so I decided that I've gotta write this now.

Kikuchi was known even among foreign truthers as an advocate of 9/11 Truth in Japan,
but she actually stole way more than 10 million yen out of the money she and the Global Peace Campaign (GPC) raised back in 2001, saying they wanted to put a full page ad on the NY Times.

BTW, she approached me when I was volunteering for the Earth Day 1990 in Tokyo. Nowadays, I suspect various movements on the left or so-called 'green' were/are full of agents and infiltrators. No wonder, lefties are the ones who take actions therefore GOVisCO traitors can't afford them to learn the bottom lie, therefore they need lots of gatekeepers and agents to mislead any group or activist, so that they won't find out who are the real perpetrators but simply waste their energy, time and money for ineffective activities such as protests or petition and so forth which are just degasification, as well as making people/members of any group get divided by their disinfo.

I believe unless many activists/lefties understand this reality that we have so many agents among us, we cannot win.

Anyway back then, I was naive and ever since I met her first, I thought of her as a mate for years though we shared the same time and space only about 5 times total in these years. That was due to her 'efforts' of sending me all kinds of articles with her photos, talking about her 'wonderful' activities to help environment which was basically her made-up propaganda. Just like TV ads, the more you see them, the more you get attached or familiarized with the products. She also uses terms and expressions to stir up people's emotion to benefit her constantly.

As a Japanese brain surgeon wrote in a book I read a few years ago, we put an emotional label on any information we receive. "Oh, that's wonderful!" or "I hate that!" And this initial labelling will block your eyes and ears when you receive the second, especially controvertial information. Your emotion will stop you from listening or observing what the new information tells you, and without examining any fact, you'd deny it flat or refuse it and quite often, you'd ridicule the messenger of the new information calling him/her nuts or weirdo because it's easier than admitting that your initial take was wrong.

That's the reaction I have encountered for these years while talking to strangers everywhere about 9/11, Anthoropogenic Global Warming lie, chemtrails/weather weapons, mobile/WiFi etc EMR danger, genetically modified technology, immunization/vaccination lie, modern medicine lie and so forth though I should add to say there are quite a few who listen to me, comprehend everything I tell them, who would tell others about what they learn.

At any rate, please keep that in mind, about the emotion cause the criminals know this very well and use this to sell anything they want us to buy.

As for the first NY Times ad that Kikuchi put with the money she/GPC collected from ordinary citizens mainly in Japan, she recently wrote in her newsletter dated January 9, 2015, what I pointed out in my articles are not true,

[きくちゆみの地球平和ニュース]Global Peace News vol.163
(Yumi Kikuchi's Earth-Peace News - Happy New Year)
and wrote:
(end quote)

The fee for the ad we put on the NY Times on 7th of October 2001 was $140,000.00. It was incredibly expensive to me, so I remember it well (it was equivalent to about 17,000,000yen using the exchange rate back then).
(end translation)

GPC's English page from the past also showed that amount, $140,000.00 - cached pages' screen shots
It doesen't seem that they corrected that figure in English on their site, or they deleted it long ago.

However, the date of that ad published was NOT on the 7th but 9th of October, 2001 as Kikuchi said then that it happened to fall onto John Lennon's birthday, trying to make people feel better when it got published after the invasion and bombing over Afghanistan started.
*Third from the left is the one.

Also, the price of the ad doesn't match with what her co-activists told us in the past,
Akira Yamada, alias Yamada Osho who died early this month reported from the Big Apple on the day, saying the rate was:

= the fee for the ad was over 12,500,000yen

And another page of their report about them sending the deposit by bank transfer on September 26, 2001
Public Media Centerのおかげで、NYタイムスの広告費が割引になりました。
正規: 140,000ドル → 95,000ドル
この金額に、Public Media Centerの広告制作費6,000ドルをプラスして、

(end quote)

********* AMAZING!! *********
I checked this page after a long while today (12SEP17) and found that the rest of the article was DELETED - most likely by this = Google = Murdoch!!
though it was to continue on to reveal the evidence that Yumi Kikuchi LIED to the donors and STOLE a lot of money!! My draft was showing that it continued on…

So I’m going to put the rest back in. Hope it stays this time. Anyhow, this shows that they = Yumi Kikuchi & hubby Gen Morita don’t want you to see their true figures!! Another proof that they are simply a FRAUD.

And on top, it’s really weird!! I opened the “compose” page of this article, and the rest was still there! Meaning they have some technology to HIDE the vital information without deleting the text??? Anyway, I hope Blogger shows the rest all right.

Details of the ad fee
Thanks to the Public Media Center, the fee for NY Times ad got discounted.
Full rate: $140,000.00 -> $95,000.00
On top, we are to pay the Public Media Center $6,000.00 for their service of creating this ad, therefore the total amount will be $101,000.00 (approx 12,500,000yen).

(end translation)

Another statement page showed the amount they sent to:
LA Times in the first bracket,
the balance for NY Times in the second bracket,
deposit for NY Times in the third bracket,
and the total payment they made incl bank charges to NY Times at the bottom
clearly shows the fee for NY Times ad as they claimed was
$75,000/balance + $20,000/deposit = $95,000
which was 11,470,000yen incl bank charges.

They were collecting donation through the Veterans for Peace in the US as well, and they told us that VfP paid that $6,000.00 to PMC out of the money they raised there including $100.00US I donated.

I don't know how much VfP raised in total, but Woody Powell, then the top of VfP wrote me what Kikuchi told him about the ad fee when I asked him a few years back:
I remember the event well. The cost of the ad was $80,000.00, as I recall. The ad consisted of a letter written by an ex US Marine from Colorado, cautioning our president not to go off and start a war over the incident, but to treat it as a criminal act and respond accordingly. Yumi Kikuchi led the Japanese group that raised most of the money and used our imprimatur on the ad itself because the young Marine was a member of Veterans For Peace. I did not know she represented the cost of the ad at $140,000.00. I don't think that's accurate.
She came to the US later and participated in one of our early Board meetings, but there was not much interaction after that. I am sorry if she has turned out to be a fraud.

Wilson (Woody) Powell

(end quote)

So, Kikuchi/GPC told us that it was $95,000 plus $6,000 to PMC
but she told Woody $80,000. And now Kikuchi is telling us it was $140,000.

Sign of dishonesty?
Well, I didn't stop there.
We need to find out how much they actually spent is what I thought. So I investigated.

First, I came across this article on the NY Times about MoveOn, that group started by George Soros = Illuminati,
MoveOn Pays The Times $77,508 for Ad Cost

It says MoveOn paid the "standby rate" of $64,575 for their ad published on 10th of Septemeber, 2007 - almost six years after Kikuchi/GPC put their ad on the paper, but MoveOn actually specified the date of the ad to come on, therefore they had to pay the balance of $77,508 to make the total amount of $142,083 which was the full rate in 2007.

Now, I don't think you'd need that much of a brain to sense something wrong here. The full rate Kikuchi told us for 2001 was $140,000 but the same full rate for 2007 was $142,083!? And I hope you paid attention to this "standby rate". Well, at least that's what I did because I clearly remembered what Kikuchi told me right after the ad was published.

I asked her why it came on after the invasion started, and she said,

"We used a cheaper rate, therefore we had to wait"

OK, but the rate they told us was $95,000 for 2001.
What MoveOn initially paid was $64,575/standby rate in 2007.
Does that sound right to you!?

In the meantime, that 'Public Media Center'
apparently had some link with George Soros = Illuminati...
Also I found a suggestion to not use an advertising agency cause you'd end up paying more.
I agree, cause I always dealt with the paper company directly myself.
Especially using people's donation, one would wish not to waste any cent, don't you think.

GPC's page on December 28, 2001 showed the payment they made for an ad on the LA Times was 8,936,536 yen, for the NY Times ad 11,470,000 yen, as well as the donation they collected by that date was 25,600,914 yen.
NY Times ad fee was no way near 17,000,000yen as Kikuchi wrote recently,
Also, I heard they ultimately gathered more than 27,000,000 yen total w/in Japan.

I tried to find out the full and standby rates for NY Times full page ad in 2001, sending mails here and there in the company and eventually got the answer on January 12, 2012,
As you can see, it read:

A full page advocacy ad in 2001 cost:

Daily: $101,946.60
Sunday: $114,420.60

Full page Standby rates in 2001 were:

Main News & Business (Sections): $36,000
Metro, Sports & Theme Sections: $28,600

When a full rate advertisement is ordered for a specifil date, we make room for that ad.

(end quote)

OK, so her figure of $140,000 was absolutely incorrect to say the least, and while she said they couldn't specify the date because they chose a cheaper rate, why pay $95,000 instead of $36,000 or even $28,600!????

As I mentioned above, I remember Kikuchi told me that they used "standby rate" therefore they couldn't tell when the ad would be printed, so it ended up after Bush et al started bombing Afghanistan.

I found the proof of that.
In this interview with Magazine 9
Kikuchi clearly says while they were waiting for the space for the ad, the US started bombing Afghanistan.
きくち  いよいよ意見広告を出そうと広告に空きが出るのを待っていた10月7日、アメリカはアフガニスタンへの攻撃を開始したのです
(end quote)

Kikuchi: While we were waiting for the space to be available for our advocacy ad on October 7, the US started attacking Afghanistan
(end translation)

Obviously, they used "standby rate".
If not, they didn't have to wait till John Lennon's birthday but right after they sent the balance, the NY Times could have run it. Also if they say they definitely paid $95,000 for the ad, Kikuchi is responsible to demand the Public Media Center some decent explanation, questioning about the huge discrepancy for the sake of all the people who donated money to her/GPC, but she never bothered to.

I'd like to tell you what I found out about their 'proof' of sending the amount they told us they paid was also very fishy. First, for the deposit of $20,000.00
and the balance of $75,000.00
I don't expect many of you can read Japanese, but on the top left of each form, it says


which means it's the Customer copy of an application form to send money overseas. You can copy and paste above Japanese into a translation site and do the same with other sentences if you wish.

Anyhow, they simply filled out the Customer copy which you can obtain at any bank that deals with foreign exchange to show everybody saying they paid this much therefore, it cannot be a proof that they actually sent that amount at all. I even called Mitsui Sumitomo Bank on the phone (that form is of theirs) to doublecheck, on top of checking on their site on the net, and they clearly told me that after processing it, the bank would give a "Keisan-sho" (Calculation statement) to their customer as a proof of remittance.

Therefore I demanded Kikuchi to show us that "Keisan-sho" as a proof, back in December 2011, but she never ever bothered to pay any attention to my call.

きくちゆみよ、「送金依頼書」ではなくて、「領収書・受け取り」にあたる「計算書」を見せなさい>NY Times全面広告費用寄付金詐欺のおさらいと補足

After all, if the ad was printed in the "Main News & Business" section, the actual cost must have been $36,000.00. If it was in "Metro, Sports & Theme Sections," it was $28,600.00 instead of $95,000.00 as they claimed.

That huge discrepancy went into their pocket and I believe they did the same with every other ad they put anywhere.

Besides NY Times,
*Some criticized why they didn't use an image of a dove for peace instead...

L.A. Times,
and Washington Post etc such as this one in Italy
and on some billboards in Hollywood.

On top, Kikuchi and her husband Gen Morita whom she married after abandoning her two small children and her first husband while Morita deserted his partner who was living with him, have used us volunteers to translate "9/11 In Plane Site," "Loose Change," "Addicted to War" and "ZERO - Investigation into 9/11" into Japanese, paying us sheer minimum if any, and the profit from DVDs and books all went into their wallet.

She kept telling us that nobody understands 9/11 Truth in the U.S. but I found that was a horrible lie when I went to NYC for the anniversary in 2008. I put on "9/11 was an inside job" T-shirt I made myself everywhere I went, and so many spoke to me to express that they agree with me or ask me what it was about, and they got the message all right.

When a participant of her lecture walked up to her and asked her about chemtrails,

R.I.P. Ted

she pretended that she never heard about them, and she was very reluctant to tell her followers about the HPV vaccines danger. AFAIK, she never told her followers about Al Gore's lie either.

Although I trusted her for years without knowing so many facts mainly because I'm over here in Australia i.e. we're so apart physically, my doubts accumulated time and time again over the years. And while she made me help with the translation of "ZERO," I concluded she is an absolutely fraud.
*Above: Kikuchi with her fraud mate, Yu Tanaka another gatekeeper who's been selling 'alternative energy' lie and never talks about Al Gore's lie to his followers.

That's when I wrote a few articles saying they (Kikuchi and Morita with their mate Damien Andrews), along with another Japanese 'truther' who says he's living in Barcelona named Hiroshi Eguma alias Kai Dojimaru or "バルセロナより愛を込めて" ("From Barcelona with love" though we never know his real name), are all fraud. And then I got many comments supporting my claim to my surprise honestly speaking, and one of them told me about this cheating big time suspicion through their ad campaign. So I investigated and found this person's claim was absolutely correct. He also pointed out that that was when Kikuchi and Morita started having trips to the U.S. and Okinawa very frequently.

All along, before I started having doubt about Kikuchi, I sensed weird difference of our motives. I've been doing all this genuinely in pursuit for truth, simply for the cause. For genuine justice that we deserve.

But I sensed her motive was something else and as if she was a TV talent, Kikuchi was selling herself more than anything else and this ad campaign by collecting so much money as donation marketed herself all right. She got interviewed by some major newspapers, just like the one on Asahi here
Also, while working on "ZERO," it became all clear to me that her purpose is not the same as mine. During that time, she told me that she'd stop doing 9/11 truth after "ZERO". She said that was because it didn't grow as much as they (Kikuchi and Morita) wished. I thought that was very odd an excuse cause if it wasn't growing much, then we should rather continue our effort instead. What she really meant was that they couldn't make as much profit as they wished, I reckon.

They were asking for more and more donations for this and that after NY Times ad
or even before that,
*There they say they spent about 6 million yen for a full page ad for 'Y2K' fuss on the NY Times. After seeing what standby rates were like in 2001, I should say that's another lie.

And nowadays they're mainly asking for donation to 'help children in Fukushima'.

Helping chidlren in Fukushima is one thing, but why donate to her to pay for airfare etc to send them to Hawaii when you have a choice of sending them to somewhere, far away from Fukushima within Japan so that you can send more children, more often. And her ability of calculation is very unreliable - if you can figure out what she's saying here on her newsletter I got last March 7...
She wrote the fund they urgently needed for maintaining their 'Fukushima Kids House' for SEP13 to AUG14 was 2,400,000yen.

(end quote)

Then, she says the expense they need is 6,400,000yen(incl above 2,400,000yen) at least.

(end quote)

She also says she'd want to pay to the participants upto 100,000yen per child to support their airfare.

(end quote)

Then she wrote:



(end quote)

That means we need 10,000,000yen.
10,000,000yen... can we reach that?

But having 10,000,000yen a year, we can bring 6 to 8 kids and mothers every month, plus 20 for summer and winter, total of 92 to 116 kids can stay away from radiation. I wanna make it happen!!

This 10,000,000yen is just for expense and does not include manpower cost...

(end translation)

For example to compare her 'price', please look at this

Kumi no Sato

That's in Kume-jima island in Okinawa, led by a veteran photo-journalist who's been working hard to educate and inform Japanese people about nuclear danger for many, many years, Ryuichi Hirokawa (Also read his interview on the Guardian from 2009).

If my memory serves me right, it said somewhere it'd cost 1,000yen/child/day and they've welcomed 415 children between 05JUL12 to 10JUL13(just to compare with Kikuchi's figure. They've been having more kids ever since - the chart is on this page). So you go figure, who you'd better donate to.

Kikuchi says they (with Morita) can help 92 to 116 children a year to get away from Fukushima and the expense is 6,400,000yen at least. That means, though I don't know how long they'd stay in Hawaii, and let's say she had 100 kids in a year, it means it costs them 64,000yen per child. Applying that with Kumi no Sato, a child can stay there for 64 days though they don't have such a long term stay at the moment. I don't think children Kikuchi brings to Hawaii would stay there that long either.

Oh, didn't you know that Kikuchi and Morita with their 2 kids fled to Hawaii right after 3/11? They live on Hoene St., Kailua-Kona. And she occasionally comes back to Japan to holds film showing and lectures, to earn their living thanks to many followers who believe she is a wonderful activist.

Remember, when you believe you get deceived.
I really need everybody especially activists to keep in mind that there are many spooks and fraud among us. Otherwise, we get misled, divided, and can never achieve our goal to realize genuine justice to bring peace to the world.

My recent focus is GOVisCO, to reveal these traitorous criminals - Illuminati's puppets far and wide, and encourage everyone to stop giving our power to them. But that is also in order to realize real investigations on many evil crimes so that the real criminals will be punished accordingly, not the patsies - starting with 9/11.

R.I.P. Dan

In other words, unlike Kikuchi, I will never stop talking about 9/11.
Dan was killed because he said that and he was about to finish an documentary to reveal the relation between Rockefeller's CFR and 9/11.

I, you, we have to carry that torch for Dan's sake, and so many people's sake who were murdered or injured on and after that day. So that someday, hopefully in the near future, people like Bob McIlvain can get the answer that they deserve,

Thank you for reading.
Please do what you can.
Cause it's about us after all.

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