Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The VERY REASON why they, Illuminati the evil doers made this world full of EMR - electromagnetic rays - Shumann resonance

Along with immunization/vaccination and modern medicine fraud, which basically making us sick, sicker and die or simply yummy patients who keep buying their poisonous medicines and treatment, especially with heavy metal toxins (important links in this artticle, also watch the video of Barrie Trower there), I've been warning about EMRs.

Here's a very good documentary that tells you why they've been increasing that toxic EMR in our world so that we get zapped everyday more and more, even during our sleep.

Please watch it, Like it or tweet about (sorry I don't have any link for that), tell all your friends and relies so that many more will wake up to the reality. That's yet another fact that MSM would never tell us seriously, because they are just a tool to spread disinfo, mislead us, divide us and keep us left in the dark, just like that recent <"Police Officer Wilson" killing a black kid Brown> hipe they deliberately created.

Who Is Elisa Lam? - Pt1 - Energy Weapons

by WhoisElisaLam
Published on 12 Apr 2013


Also, read this article though it's a bit lengthy

Mind Games
By Sharon Weinberger
Sunday, January 14, 2007

and watch this interview with a whistleblower, Russell Tice who bravely came out long before Snowden did.

And related article on WIRED,

Army Yanks 'Voice-To-Skull' Devices' Site

Such technology was available back in 1974.
Now I can see they most likely brainwashed and misled somebody like Mark David Chapman to kill John Lennon and so forth.

Incredible, isn't it.

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