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Sky Affected by Chemtrails and HAARP - Don't be fooled!

As many of us already know,
And related tweet and video,

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Sarah Reynolds @Sarah__Reynolds · 24 hrs 24 hours ago
Tweeting this video every day till no longer true: http://youtu.be/QPKKQnijnsM Top 1% holds 40% of our nation's wealth & top 20% holds 93% of it.

Also I'm going to upload some images I found on twitter, first chemtrails via Mark Steer who seems connected with people I used to talk with before Twitter kicked me out for good,
Fake cirrus clouds and ripples made by HAARP...
Here are lines and number 3?
And about the huge increase of autism which must have been caused by immunization/vaccination which is a big business an absolute fraud, that contains Heavy Metal Toxins, the cause of various health and social, criminal related issues,
Illuminati and their followers along with those intensely brainwashed people i.e. medical professionals never talk about the cause of such increase or the problems, but we the people have to think that very well.

This Mark guy seems to think that chemtrails are contributing to such drastic increase, and he put a chart,
No wonder why I start coughing all the time whenever I go out of the house.
I might have written this before but they are apparently spraying chemtrails = poisons over 3 dams which are the source of our tap water around here, every night!! They are really serious about making us sick, sicker and die while they'd rake in through fraudulent pharma/medical industries.

This image below probably by NASA, I don't know where it is but those ripples are definitely the result of the effect by HAARP,
Well, we saw the effect of chemtrails and HAARP in Victoria fairly recently,
Some thought it was a UFO, some called it a hole in the sky,
Someone in Wonthaggi called 3AW in Melbourne,

All because of this weather modification by chemtrails and HAARP incl so many hurricanes, typhoons, snow storms and our weird summers, where we get about 10days or so, super hot days. But while it's really hot in the area lit by the sun, if you go to the shades, it's cool to cold. That never happened when I was pushing my child in a pram. Think about that.

Here, I have some photos that a friend of mine sent me a while ago, who lives in South Gippsland. She complained to the local member, GOVisCO politician i.e. traitorous liar but he kept saying that they were just ordinary contrails.

Do you agree with him?
Talking about the effects from chemtrails and HAARP, we can see more over Japan constantly, here are some images first from 11NOV11
*If you wish to enlarge the images, you'd better right click and open to a new tab.

19th, ripples over the Sea of Japan(west of Hokkaido)
Spraying a lot on 21st, too...
Same day, chemtrails and EMR from HAARP,
24th, making me feel like shouting "Give us back the natural sky!!"
NASA publishes 2 images per day, therefore we can never tell where and how much they're spraying etc. On top, nowadays everybody is busy using their mobile and nobody ever look up to see the sky. Besides, they've been spraying for decades, so there are not many among young people who can tell the difference between real natural clouds and chemtrails. In fact, my daughter's friend drew chemtrails coming out of an aircraft and she believes it's natural! Really pathetic!!

Unfortunately, the majority's left in the dark, heavily brainwashed and misled but they never realized that either. Yeah, you are brainwashed while you don't know you are brainwashed. When you realize that you were brainwashed, that means you woke up, obviously!

Back to Mark's twitter, colors are due to metal nano particulates in chemtrails,
Citizens tend to think these are beautiful but they are actually inhaling poisons.
Same with 'pretty pink sunset' etc. All due to chemtrails.
The natural sunset is orange in case you don't remember.
Here's another 'hole in the sky' made by chemtrails(around the hole) and HAARP,
Also, this one was from SkyderALERT I think, from some movie, showing chemtrails in 16th centruy, LOL
Yeah, they constantly spray chemtrails in films, ads and everything in order to brainwash more and more. Don't be fooled, folks.

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