Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lock the Gate - Stop Coal Seam Gas Extraction/Fracking in Victoria!

I went to this film showing today (yesterday, to be accurate) mainly to hand out the fliers I made on "GOVisCO" = Governments are Companies! because unless we reveal and do something about this huge fraudulent crime, we cannot fix any issue really and we cannot stop more issues to come one by one.

I had to pay to Lock the Gate the entrance fee, but you can watch what I saw there at home,

Fractured Country - An Unconventional Invasion


Gippsland Is Precious

I did manage to hand out tens of fliers before the showing, and some of them actually praised me for what I was doing. Then I went upstairs to get myself a coffee. There I saw this guy who seemed "in charge" from Lock the Gate. And you know what? He approached me and said there were some people complained about me handing my fliers, and he told me that I was banned to do so.

I said to him that it is a fact that the Governments in this country (and some others) are all companies, and they actually have no authorities to make laws etc, and yet he was not listening nor interested at all. So I said, "I know there are many agents (of the Government) everywhere, so thank YOU!" obviously implying he is one.

I figured it out from what he said, and the fact that he chose to say it without his mates around us. Others from Lock the Gate there seemed all friendly enough, one agreed when I told her about GOVisCO though she didn't know about our Federal Government registered with the US, and some others smiling to me amiably as I was leaving the venue.

Anyhow, I wish you were there to see his face then.
He looked SO unpleasant and bitter and hurriedly walked away.

Think, folks.

Who would complain about fliers that tell people the fact that the Commonwealth of Australia is registered as a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States especially when you are dissatisfied with what the Government is doing?
See it for yourself.
Our Coat of Arms is actually a registered Trade Mark!!
So, those who allegedly complained must have been the ones who are with the traitorous criminals!! or that guy just used it as an excuse to stop me.

Unless we topple this fake Government peacefully, that has no power over us, we cannot have the Australian Fair Go because they are NOT a Government but a Company with no authority whatsoever to govern us but simply there to exploit us and give us more toxins.

Surely, they are stealing our money as tax and fees, fines and permits and so forth, charging us for water when the Constitution of Australia Section 100 clearly guarantees our rights to water to begin with (that's why it was free before they made up a fake law to chage us), spending $1,000.00/head/night for their all fine organic food - super fancy dinner in Canberra (that's the figure back in Johnny Howard days so it could be much higher now) while forcing us to eat all agri-chemical ridden, with poisonous coloring, additives, etc plus toxic GMO foods, spraying toxic chemtrails over our heads everyday

and just performing a drama in front of the nation so that us commoners will be divided when we've gotta get together to fight against them, the traitors.

You see, some would say Liberal is good. Then there are others who support Labor, and many in the so-called left would prefer Greens. That's how they want it.

But look at this guy and listen to what he wants, as many of you might have missed...

WORLD GOVERNMENT - Bob Brown wants a "Global Parliament " The National Press Club. 29/June/2011 NWO

Even Bob Brown is working for Illuminati, and pursuing the NWO = New World Order. i.e. the Greens politicians are also performing a drama to deceive us so that we'll keep believing they are a real government. They simply rely on that assumption of ours.

I can say that because I demanded some lawyers and the Magistrates Court of Victoria to show us any verifiable evidence to say the Governments in this country are genuinely real, valid, constitutional, de jure Governments repeatedly, but they had nothing to show.

Really, it's time to wake up and stop this fraud.
I'll put this very interesting interview here in case you've never watched it.

Hidden Agenda - Norman Dodd interview

Oh, but I of course agree with Lock the Gate on fracking, and we've gotta stop the project which is already happening in Sea Spray, Victoria. Also I bet there are many genuine people/activists in Lock the Gate too, but beware of agents! They are everywhere.

Also I encountered a woman who absolutely believes in Al Gore's lie. She probably missed the part of one of the film where it said that methane is actually 72 times stronger in that 'warming' than carbon dioxide. She should have wondered why all authorities around the globe and media, which are all bought by big corporate interests always focus on CO2.

I was amazed that she even believes the evil criminals' story that chemtrails are to save us from that 'Global Warming' which ended back around 2000 ( ̄▽ ̄;)!! She had no idea what chemtrails are for. Alas!!

I took this photo below locally.
Sickening clouds made by chemtrails...
Below test result from Lisa Thomas in California, who lives beneath the mountains, the water resource of the state.
Why so much aluminium and barium in rain water?

Of course, she never heard about the Georgia Guidestones... didn't seem to know about that dirty electricity from solar and wind powers which you would need a special detecting device, different from the regular ones to check things like mobile.

Oh, I just found another agent among the truthers, Dane Wigington, Solar Consultant! promoting the evil doers Solution!!

The first film they showed (top of this article) definitely had the push for solar and wind, so-called "alternative energy" which is another trap = poison to us, that has been getting sold in Japan after 3/11 disaster. That's another reason why I'd say Lock the Gate was either started by or got infiltrated by fake Gov's agents, sadly as usual. They are misleading the bunch so that We the People would welcome their solution for their mates to rake in and give us more toxins.

And seriously, I posted a comment on YouTube when I added above video to this article a few hours ago (now it's about 11:40pm on 15JUN), saying:

So this guy, Dane Wigington I thought on our side is actually a "Solar Consultant" eh!? He probably wants to spread the panels ( we see in the back) to give us more DIRTY ELECTRICITY As I always tell people, there are so many agents everywhere, DUH!!

But someone already deleted it!!
i.e. Dane Wigington being a spook, most likely confirmed!

Anyhow, I just hope someday, she who sat next to me and her kind of good people realize what is actually happening in the world and stop getting their caring mind used and abused. And it's actually gotta be soon.

Last but not the least, I strongly recommend this fantastic movie theater Astor. It's definitely worth checking out, along with their ice cream my daughter loves though it's way too sweet for me, and sugar is actually bad for you. ;o)


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The water jug is called Gentoo by ecobud. They claim to be able to remove 98% of fluoride :)

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Hi Anonymous,

It was really nice chatting with you and,
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