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How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine? - HEAVY METAL TOXINS - Reply to a father of an HPVV victim

I saw this comment on,
*Actual number of victims must be 10 to 100 times more than reported.
There were more than 4,000 victims in Australia alone back in 2009.
Under the reign of Rupert Murdoch, we never know the real story hidden.

so I wrote a reply. I'll copy it here adding a few bits here and there FYI. Please forward it to anybody who's suffering from poisons they were made to buy from their doctors or got elsewhere.



I'm so sorry about your son.
I don't know if Gardasil is more dangerous to boys but I know it killed one boy during the clinical trial. I believe this was the video, where I heard it.

Dr. Deirdre Little - Does anyone need Gardasil?


Now it’s been revealed that they killed 30 while the clinical test.

PlaceboGate!! The HPV – Gardasil Study Fraud!!!! 30 deaths

That’s about Gardasil and I wonder about Cervarix…

Anyway, this is an unforgivable crime I should say against so many youth i.e. our future in the world. I believe every single culprit who has promoted this poison should go to jail for the rest of their lives just like those who installed WiFi (a weapon attacking our children's reproductive ability etc) in schools, as Barrie Trower said.
Watch the whole thing but listen to what he says at 6:22

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trower

From my knowledge, I tell you below with my sincere wish for your son to recover.

Get glutathione cream and get Myers Cocktail (MC) IV.
(Some found glutathione IV and/or Vitamin C IV helpful)
*Above, an image of Glutathione cream I've been sending to some victims (along with sample amount of Yaeyama Chlorella and zeolite) in Japan from Australia all out of my pocket. This tiny jar (50g for 50 days) costs me A$73.00 (now $75.00) plus $15.00/posage (and to JP) but it's worth it. Just a tiny amount a day.

The victim who got a lot better who used to say "I wish I were dead tomorrow" in horrible pain etc, who could not even hold her chopsticks to eat, is now smiling and going to school everyday, had MC twice a week.

I sent her glutathione cream - thanks to Cynthia Janack!! who told me when I exchanged mails with her, that this vaccine reduces the level of glutathione by much! so we need to supply that.

As far as I know, above two wouldn't cause any relapse. They are to cheer up his body, boost his physical strength basically. Also it's a good idea to have something to help his kidney and liver functions (some liver optimizer) along with some anti-oxidants.

*As a matter of fact, I'm detoxing myself cause over the years I too accumulated heavy metal toxins ESPECIALLY when they spray our skies with chemtrails every single day, giving me more aluminium, barium, strontium etc.

These toxins in you can eventually cause some illness in the future.
Everybody should have hair mineral test done to check their level, and detox!! actually.
Your son's case, it's obvious he's got aluminuim, so we've gotta detox him.

Please remember I do not receive any money or anything from anybody.
I'm just a lone wolf fighting back against all the traitorous criminals and super crazy dictators who call themselves "Illuminati" who are behind our politicians, bureaucrats, media and so forth.

Also please do not "believe" anything or anybody but investigate yourself, check facts - real genuine scientific facts and think well to figure out what makes sense, then determine what you can trust. It's not easy to UNbrainwash yourself but this is the time everybody must do it before it's too late.

Remember, if you "believe," you get deceived.
Make sure you KNOW facts rather.

Also I'm sure Illuminati is already behind this "detox" business to rake in, therefore whenever you purchase anything, make sure to read the ingredients and additives beforehand closely, check each toxicity and avoid any poison. It's not easy but we don't want to give these victims like your son any more toxin.

On top of glutathione, MC, and help for liver and kidney, comes detox.
Now, as I wrote before, symptoms are the signs that your body is fighting back.
They could be horrible and not endurable but they are not "bad" if you understand what I mean.

You get temperature when your body is trying to kill germs,
You get tired when your body needs rest,
You get diarrhea when you need to get rid of something bad out of your system.

But what the modern medicine does? They don't touch the cause of the problem but they focus on the symptoms and suppress them by selling you more poison! You might think your problem's gone but it's not. It was just suppressed, so they'll come back later big time along with the effect of their so-called medicine or treatment that contains poison. They call it "side effects" but it's not. It's the correct reaction of your body to poisons they sold to you, and that's what's happening with your son.

Thus, your son's body is now trying its best to get rid of the poisons they sold and put in him via Gardasil. That's what his symptoms are about. He(his body)'s trying to recover by himself so to speak, but the process would take ages, therefore we need to assist that effort by giving him things like coriander (there's a tincture), Yaeyama chlorella, zeolite, DMSA, DMPS etc.

And I need you to remember there could be some relapse.
Things get worse before they get better. Just like, when you get car sick for instance, you go through that horrible thing called vomit. It's so yucky and disgusting but after that, you'll be fine!

So don't be fooled there, the only way to recover is to get rid of the poisons in him., Therefore, when you start giving him anything to detox, start with a tiny amount and maybe not everyday but every other day or further apart if necessary and observe how much he can endure, then gradually increase the doses.

If he took any modern medicine's treatment or medication, he would have to quit it but some of them could give him horrific withdrawal symptoms. So if that's the case, find a doctor or some expert with knowledge and experience of how to quit such medication. You usually need a long time to gradually quit in order to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. And if your son did have such medication, relapse from detoxing could be greater. Very unfortunate...

One victim in Japan was given Rivotrill as a pain killer, that psychoactive drug as a pain killer!? I believe that doctor should go to jail, too!

Benzo etc are shocking 'medicines' that anybody should stay far, far away from.
Chek out this article as well as this one.

I'd say the entire psychiatric medicine is a fraud, along with some part of psychological talks. Like I wrote somewhere, from developmental disorder, learning difficulties, delinquency, Asperger to bio-polar, depression (could be due to amino acid level) or schizophrenia to domestic violence and violent crimes (excluding so many "Inside job" like 9/11)

are due to heavy metal toxins driving people's brain crazy!! and that's the purpose of them selling immunization, vaccination.

*i.e. They are creating their future customers!! as well as dumbing us down, and making our societies unsafe, more violent with families getting broken, so that they can have more control over us by taking our rights and freedom.


Read and get yourself informed,

Biochemical Treatment of Behavior, Learning & Mental Disorders

Copper Excess (Toxicity): Psychological Implications for Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Copper Toxicity and How to Reduce Elevated Levels

How Nutrition Affects Emotions and Behavior

Delinquency and Crime, and Nutritional balancing Science

Notice in the first article, the doctor is saying schizophrenia is not the correct name. In the second pdf, the doctor there is also saying "bi-polar" is a pseudo name. I understand this very well because I see doctors name symptoms without having the real cause in mind (or rather deliberately hiding it), so that they could simply sell their medicine/treatment further more only to suppress the symptoms!! And their 'medicine' or 'treatment' always contain some poison to make you worse. Think that's ridiculous? Check the ingredients first! Even a pain killer can kill and damage you. We need to seriously wake up and realize what has been happening really. Therefore, going to see a doctor can be very risky unless you are fully aware of what they've been doing.

My father was a doctor and from my current point of view, he was heavily brainwashed through education to become a salesperson for medical and pharmaceutical industries. However, he was not dumb and kept questioning. He often told me his questions about modern medicine, and that actually helped me to fully wake up from this huge fraud of centuries.

Have you noticed the increase of child leukemia and child cancer? Cry for "Save my child!" and notice of fundraising to pay to the fraudulent medical and pharmaceutical industries to buy more poison called anti-cancer treatment everywhere all the time! That's because of that vitamin K they give to your new born child.
*I cured a granny's cancer which 'came back' or rather, created by anti-cancer treatment she had prior, by giving her apricot kernels!
With that, they are hiding a real solution from us. I mean "they" including GOVisCO fraudulent traitors in 'Governments' which are actually Companies!

That sort of cover up can be seen with hemp such as this hemp seed package label
It says "Not for internal use in Australia or New Zealand" i.e. banning people to eat it and yet says "Perfect for all the family!" is laughable!!

BTW, the key to get rid of cancer with apricot kernel (or loquat stone) is to eat them only a few at a time (like every hour) to make the total 20 to 30 a day if you have a cancer, and be sure to detox as well, and eliminate any element that could have been the real cause of cancer from your life. Also make sure to chew well though they are very bitter. There are other alternative ways to treat/cure cancer. It's a great shame that many people still believe in fraudulent big business called 'cancer treatment' of modern medicine which sells you poisons.

Here's a documentary I watched years ago on this B17, FYI

"A World without Cancer"

Anyhow, taking Rivotrill took a toll all right, when the girl tried enzyme bath (for detox)
*I found Enzyme Bath in California. And a couple of other "detox bath" info How to Take a Detox Bath and Cleansing Detox Bath Recipes FYI. Bit concerned about chlorine and fluoride if your water's fluoridated.

and/or zeolite, she had some horrible reaction (relapse). So the mother held back and actually stopped her attempt to detox her daughter in a way, and the girl has been in a miserable condition for a year now. She recently started giving her coriander, after shockingly tried steroid pulse to so many people's amazement and disappointment which made the condition worse.

Even doctors who woke up to the fraud of the industry said steroid is like drugs. Poison! Anyway, another mother found coriander very helpful to her daughers (both HPVV victimes) but you need more than that to detox what they put in your child.

Another victim started taking zeolite but from a tiny amount using her earpick
You could use the other end of a spoon, instead
and immediately she noticed, her tears and snivel were thickened, she couldn't open her eyes in the following morning cause the eye lids were shut tight with mucus, and she defecated more than usual. i.e. poisons are forced to come out!! They say you'd better drink more water (get good quality one for him!) when taking zeolite which is a very powerful detoxing agent that can eliminate heavy metal toxins like aluminium out of your cells.

An article on NaturalNews said it can get rid of toxins from pesticides and herbicides on top of heavy metal and balance your pH, and another article on the internet said it cleanses your blood as well, but when I asked them to show me any paper to prove their claims, they did not respond. Yet, it is a very good detoxifier. Only mineral it eliminates is copper, so be careful if you are copper deficient. That's why I suggest to everybody to check your hair to begin with.

And more professional way is to go see a doctor who is specially trained in chelation who'd give you DMSA (capsules) or DMPS (IV) along with other advice. But beware, there could be some doctor/clinic whose interest is more in making profit than helping you. It's the same in both conventional (modern medicine) or alternative and when you 'believe' or 'trust', you are vulnerable to become a victim of deceit.

That's exactly what happend to you with this HPV vaccines, right?
So you should learn from that extremely painful lesson, and start knowing facts rather than believing someone or something.

At any rate, you've got to detox!
Gradually, slowly though it's frustrating.

Also find a skillful chiropractor to adjust your son's body.
(Hopefully not the spook [in Japanese] who's seemingly helping the victims in Japan but advising them to take stuff that could make their condition worse!) Since your son is in pain for so long, his posture etc needs to be fixed and that can reduce the pain.

Needless to say, avoid sugar, wheat, dairy and many other toxic foods/ingredients such as MSG, GMO, HFCS which are almost always present in foods on the shelves in stores nowadays. And don't go for soy as alternatives of dairy or wheat because soy is not good for you unless it's traditionally fermented (not chemically) like soy sauce, miso, natto (good source of K2 according to Dr. Mercola, helps people with inflammation) or tempeh. Otherwise, it's bad for your thyroid i.e. avoid tofu and soy milk.

I read some years ago on that drinking certain amount of soy milk everyday gives you the same effect of contraceptive pills. Evil criminals don't want us, our children to have children. Search for "Georgia Guidestone" that sickening 'modern 10 commandments' of Illuminati.
Soy is also GM nowadays... That fuss over "Soy is for your good health!" or "Asian wisdom" campaign is another scam.

It's not easy to eat well when stores carry so many products with various toxins, but we've gotta change the whole scene after learning a big lesson from this vaccine fraud, I'd say.

I hope what I wrote here helps.
Just ask me if you have any more questions.

Best of luck to you, your son, Jenny and all the victims of Gardasil and Cervarix in the world along with victims of so many other vaccinations/medications and so forth!!

You've got to do the same. DETOX!!


Anonymous said...

In 1997 I started a Research and Development Co Q Tech Laboratories in Australia. We invented several HEALING devices based upon Tesla's Field Science, not Einsteins particle science.
With Field Science one determines the outcome by choice not testing after mixing of chemicals. In 2000 we had sold several 100 units in USA and so we held a few expositions and even lectured at a medical conference in Mexico. (Land of free alternative medicine) While in LA, at a small convention we were introduced to the first case of Autism our device had treated. This 6 year old boy was Autistic after a vaccination at 2 years of age where before he was quite normal.(it may not have been related but....) For the preceding 4 years he didn't talk, or eat or play, he ate through a straw and sat on the floor and acted quite retarded. (sound familiar?)
His father purchased one of our devices for his wife who was debilitated with arthritis where he was more than happy with its results so they began using it on their child. When i arrived there some 5 months after treatment had began, this child was singing, laughing, talking in 2 languages and attending normal schooling. Can you imagine the expression of happiness this family had for our inventiveness? This is but one of 10,000's of stories that this Healing device has given testimonials too. Over 20,000 units have been sold world wide. It isn't mainstream because it basically makes obsolete everything the FDA or TGA promotes and no university will clinical trial it as they would lose all their existing customers for clinical trials. One unit was sent to A lady Dr in Guadalajara where she used it on all her female patients and after 6 months she noticed those with HPV (genital warts) the warts were dropping off. So this device makes the Gardasil vaccine obsolete as she testified to at the Medical conference she and we attended.
Today this device is marketed as the Q energy Spa or Aqua Chi. The Science of which can be understood at
You can complain and write heart wrenching stories like the above or you can promote an alternative and understand a better way. The choice is yours. Lynn Eykamp joecell at bigpond dot com

Aus911Truth said...

Not sure about above "Tesla" product.
it's said that traitorous criminals confiscated all what he had upon his death, and how can you get such information? Also, this Anonymous wrote

"You can complain and write heart wrenching stories like the above or"

but I did tell you what you should do.
You've gotta get rid of the CAUSE of the symptoms and it's really simple but most of doctors can't even consider that cause they're busy selling you more poison.

Anonymous said...

What do you recommend to detox from vaccine toxins such as mercury and aluminium? If not zeolite, can you suggest something safe and effective?

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Anonymous who posted on/at April 30, 2017 at 9:00 PM,
(Blogger doesn't let me "REPLY" to comments so I have to just post one like this)

AFAIK, zeolite is good for those in general but what you need to do basically is to support your immune system so that your body detoxes. Yet, there are people who got genetical problem which makes them being unable to detox well. For those, I'd suggest to find some expert who has got a good knowledge and experience with heavy metal toxin/mineral issues, and have hair mineral and urine tests for him/her to determine how to tackle your issue because everybody is different.

Having said that, there are capsules called DMSA or IV called DMPS which people take to detox, but you'd better have someone who knows these who can guide you.

Good luck!! and please join me to say the Secret spell (sort of) to beat the evil criminals, and tell others!

[REVISED] SECRET - Let’s defeat them all!!