Sunday, May 12, 2013

Illuminati -- Secret Covenant

In case, nobody heard about this, I just uploaded with JP subs.

Go to the page to watch actually, cause this has been doing some weird things and I cannot show any video big enough...
Use right click and open it to a new tab. ;o)

This video omitted some sentences.
For those interested, please read below.

The Secret Covenant of the Jewish Secret Society Known As the Order of the Illuminati Illuminati Document
Presented by Wes Penre, Apr 09, 2008

For those who woke up, it is obvious that we are genuinely living in the 'reality' Illuminati created in order to making us sick, sikcer, infertile and die along with making a lot of $$$$$ through their fraudulent medical and pharmaceutical industries. We are forced to live surrounded by various toxins everyday while those traitors/theives in Canberra spending more than $1,000.00/head/night for their fancy all-organic dinner when they've forced us to eat GM, agri-chemical, all toxic additives ridden food. Shamless criminals!!

And if you go to a doctor, he/she will give you more toxin called 'medicine.'

BTW, I saw weird thing coming down from the sky the other day which might be the cause of Morgellon's disease from chemtrails, so watch out!

Back to the talk of Gov is Co, the Governments are actually companies, therefore whatever they do or say are null and void. All invalid!!

Now Gillard the traitor wants to add "Local Gov" in the constitution by fooling sheeple, but even if they succeed(and we never know if they are manipulating the vote/ballots), it's annul and void. Remember that, folks.

And spread the word!

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