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Tokyo Trial was a sham and 'Nanking Massacre' was a made-up smoke screen for War Crimes of the U$A

As Norman Dodd in "Hidden Agenda" clearly told us,

they changed the history we, our children are to learn.
*I definitely embedded the video, but it doesn't show it to me.
It's called CENSORSHIP!

Same thing happened in Japan after WWII, when the occupiers forced the authorities and media to brainwash Japanese so that they'd believe they are the sole criminals while hiding the crimes the U$ and its allies committed.

Want to know what the Tokyo Trial was all about?
Link is towards the end.

Even Douglas MacArthur himself admitted that Tokyo Trial was a great failure, and he stated at the Congress that Japan fought for her defence while he was struggling in Korea. Some even wonder they should have left Japan alone so that they wouldn't have had to fight against North Korea with China and Russia behind it in later years. Well, I'm not sure about that cause Illuminati wants to keep having wars so that more and more people get killed(see Georgia Guidestone) while they rake in. Anyhow, they faked this "Nanking Massacre" to hide their own crimes of bombing over Tokyo and many other cities in Japan, killing so many civilians along with 2 bombs - over Hiroshima and Nagasaki as you know.

Even then, they could not determine it really happened as some claims.

There's no witness who saw such atrocity committed by Japanese troops in Nanking except the one who's a graduate of Oxford, who was working for Chiang Kai Shek who needed to blame Japan.

This one has no subtitles but he's(who looks a bit silly) saying that

Japan, who lost the war made a memorial of those who got killed by the bombing over Tokyo etc about 6 years after the war. But China didn't build anything for 'Nanking Massacre''s victims TILL 1985!!

Communist China COULD have made it back in 1949 but they left it for almost FIFTY YEARS!!!??? Weird, isn't it.

Mao Tse-tung and Chiang Kai Shek were not getting along and "Nanking Massacre" was Chiang's lie. Yet eventually communist China probably realized that they can use it against Japan, so that's why there was such a gap I'd say.

Also the first Japanese junior high textbook which mentioned it was in 1975, under GHQ's brainwashing program, but it talked about 42,000 victims. No way near 300,000!! And that figure is apparently based on that Oxford graduate who worked for Chiang.

Just like the Jewish Holocaust, the number simply went up without any proof.

And the first time China ever had it mentioned in their textbooks was 1981.
Much later than Japanese.


Now, I don't have to explain everything cause next two videos have got JP sub. ;o)

Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(1/2)

Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(2/2)

Take a look at this page for photos though you may not understand what they say,


and open links on this page,
Scenes from Nanking after the fall. Though everything is in Japanese, you could see from them, whether locals were fearful of Japanese soldiers or not.

Sorry no sub, but soldiers telling there was no massacre.
They are very diturbed about this fabrication.

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As you might have learned already, "Pearl Harbor" was a set-up by FDR(Read Robert Stinnett's "Day of Deceit"), Tokyo Trial was a lynch by victor countries who ignored their own war crimes. Read

The Tokyo Trials and the Truth of “Pal’s Judgment”
by Watanabe Shōichi,
Professor Emeritus at Sophia University, Tokyo
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact

and find out what Judge Pal said about this horrible banana court.

It's time to figure out what's been happening such as the USA has been hijacked by Zionist Illuminati, so is Australia(needless to say about the UK), and Japan has been hijacked and being destroyed by Korean/Chinese evil doers(I'm NOT saying that citizens in Korea and/or China are evil. It's always a fraction of the population like they say "1%" are evil) who work hand in hand with Zionist Illuminati to destroy Japan, and 3/11 was just a part of it.


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