Monday, May 14, 2012

Refuse Smart Meter!!

Smart Meter causes all sorts of problems, but it's actually to create Illuminati's Smart Grid.

Oh, it doesn't show the video I was looking for... I was after the video titled "Technocracy Sustainable Development and the SMART Grid" but it seems deleted, as urual. Now I found the one here,

Uploaded by ReddingPatriots on 14 Jul 2011

Patrick Wood, Editor of August Forcast & Review presents a 40 minute presentation on "Technocracy" at the Eagle Forum Convension, Saturday June 18, 2011

Please visit and to learn about Sustainable Development and Agenda 21. If you are concerned about what Big government getting bigger, please listen to We the People Radio at Become aware of what BIG BROTHER'S BIG GOVERNMENT has planned for you and your family's future by visiting http://TeaPartyVIDEO.NET

I don't know if all the links above are legitimate, i.e. not run by spooks/agents but we need to realize all sorts of policies our CORPORATE Government(i.e. they are all private companies, literally) have been forcing us to have are all toxic, bad for us in every possible way while they rip us off.

Anyhow, those in Australia, take a look at this page and fight against our traitors!!

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