Monday, August 8, 2011

Very good compilation of basic facts of 9/11 to wake up 'believers' of the official lie

Shame about a few typos which I kindly corrected. Yet the guy didn't even say "thank you" but deleted my comments. He's god some problem with his attitude obviously, but this relatively short video has got a lot of vital information incl some from "ZERO" that I think the best so far(Watch it on this page at the bottom).

Not so sure about the very last bit cause it could be a bit too much for beginners and might make them think we are just 'conspiracy theorists'. Yet ex-FBI Gunderson's comment should help us there and we really need all the people not only in the US but in the entire world to realize that secret at the bottom urgently, too.

Anyway, please watch this and help the official story 'believers' wake up.

uploaded by Xendrius

Just need to add that flash at the WTC apparently looks identical to the one of DU('depleted' uranium) bombs which helped make their 'shock and awe'' look more horrific... Reality is.

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