Saturday, August 6, 2011

UK police have finally woken up and have left the police force

This is a great news, a good start, something I've been waiting for! I know there are many genuine people among those "citizens' bullies" who rip us off or horrible KILLERS such as this

or this below

unlike above, I bet there are those with no intention to work for the Masons et al.

This is why I've been utilizing any opportunity to 'educate' them, and 'inform' them so that someday, when we need it, they will rise with us to fight against our real opponents!!

For instance, I gave a 'lecture' to a bunch of police officers I saw at a rally in Melbourne some years ago, saying "You officers should know, if Saddam is so bad, you should gather evidence to say so, and take him to somewhere like the International Criminal Court. We shouldn't drop bombs over innocent people there" and the majority of them simply nodded.

Another time was when I was stopped for drink-driving breath test, the officer asked me about my sign on my car window that says "9/11 = inside job!", so I gave him a copy of my compilation CD-ROM on 9/11. ;o) And I wrote about more recent experience here.

Anyhow, this news made me feel that the seeds are finally flowering though my effort didn't directly make these UK ex-officers wake up. Please listen to them.

Hope to see this in other countries, one by one. And we've gotta spread this news to many others and make more people THINK!! ;o)

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