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Global Warming Swindle meetings - Who is actually scared of who?

(Above, chemtrails in Daylesford on 03AUG00 I found on the net)

Friday night, I went to a meeting held by a bunch of advocates of that lie called 'Anthropogenic Global Warming' or 'Climate Change."

The speakers included that traitor Prof. David Karoly of Melbourne University,

a young guy from a group called Beyond Zero Emissions, and another girl with a group working for the environment or something like that(Environment Victoria). I got there a bit late, was very tired but tried to stay awake during those lengthy speeches or rather, performance, a show to swindle the participants.

There were less than 100 I think but the majority seem to believe in that myth.

Anyhow, at the question time, I went up to one of two microphones on each side of the hall, waited for my turn.

Because the girl speaker replying to the previous questioner said something like "You'd better check the background of that scientist(skeptic, obviously) cause they are with coal industry," I started out saying,

"Well, you'd better check the link between Al Gore and nuclear industry cause Gore family and nuke are tight, together" No reply whatsoever came my way from anyone but I hope this gave some of the audience to wonder... I kept on,

"It's been an interesting event, and it's good to see you in person especially David, I saw you on tele a few years back, when ABC showed that wonderful documentary film called 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'..."

And I asked him what he could tell us about the big scandal called 'Climategate' followed by two whitewash investigations just like Harold Holt assassination(I think I managed to say that), and asked his opinion on geo-engineering a.k.a. cloud seeding a.k.a. chemtrails,

i.e. governments have been spraying toxic chemicals into our sky to manipulate the weather, from cold to hot, dry to rain or flood etc - how convenient to talk about that flood tax. I mentioned I had a few newspaper articles(Thai rain making comes to Qld and Victoria toys with cloud-seeding technology) with me that I can show to people that tells the governments have been doing it for decades.

He started answering the second question, saying it is true that they are spraying but attempted to make it sound it's no harm(as expected, without specifying WHAT they are spraying) and he tried to undermine the 'chemtrails' theory entirely, saying photos our side would show are not really showing what we claim.

When he used the word 'believe,' I said that I do not believe in chemtrails but I DO KNOW they are real because of my experience of having one sprayed above us, which made me really sick and cough for weeks. He said that he could talk with me later and look at the photos I have. That's of course, so that he could avoid me telling a lot more to the audience.

I don't remember each detail and exact words that I said, but I got to say a lot! I believe I even said that this anthropogenic GW story is another scare campaign/lie in order to charge us tax using and abusing our caring mind, and the tax is absolutely not necessary when CO2 is a benign and relatively heavy gas, and the reason why they found high level of it was because it was in Hawai'i where many flights go by all the time.

I was surprised actually that they let me say what I said... I really think they didn't expect someone like me to turn up, and didn't know what to do. Their manual didn't have the instruction how to deal with someone like me, I assume.

There were some other opposition among the participants but they asked about sea water temperature etc, and didn't touch any of what I pointed out - Climategate and geo-engineering = chemtrails/cloud seeding.

Now I think I should have videotaped my Q&A and upload on YouTube!

Anyhow, Karoly AVOIDED the first question!!
He couldn't answer that one most likely because he didn't want the audience to find out what it was all about. That was a victory I thought.

When the lecture+Q&A was over, I talked to some participants trying to warn them about chemtrails showing those articles on ABC and SMH along with photos I took. It seemed some thought I was a fool. However, there were several people who either knew about the issue or were curious enough to speak with me and grab my flier. ;o) It was another victory I should say when I thought so many of them were just believing their lie with no questioning.

Anyhow, after speaking with a few more, I went up to confront David Karoly again who were surrounded by a few others incl that speaker girl. They soon left me alone as if they wanted him to be in charge of talking to me. We were left alone.

I pointed out that he couldn't answer my question about the Climategate. He said he could certainly do so, and just told me that there was no problem they found there(sheer LIE), and kept telling me, "I welcome your opinion." That's all he could say.

Eventually, I said to him that he works for $$$$. He said he's not getting paid apart from being a professor at Melbourne University. So I said to him, "I can see it's either you are a shocking fool or working for them. I don't think you are a fool, so, SHAME ON YOU."

I said that right to his face, though he was trying to avoid eye contact by putting his folder into his bag etc - JUST LIKE that Richard Gage did when he came to Melbourne, interestingly!!

Folks, please follow my steps if you have any opportunity to face any of those liars. They are really scared of us! Like I said, I don't think they expected somebody like me coming along to ask such questions, and they probably didn't know how to stop me.

I also noticed that young man(speaker with Beyond Zero Emissions) who asked the audience to donate(as usual) during his speech, was sort of trying not to stand out when I approached them so that I wouldn't attack him. I could see he didn't want me to speak to him.

Anyhow, I think that young man and the girl are both clever, Illuminati agents. All three of them were to perform their drama to fool people and they were relatively successful. Yet I believe several got the seeds of doubt in their mind from what I said. ;o)

A couple of guys(who were already wide awake) told me that David Karoly recently got a grant something like 1.6 million dollars!!

They are traitors, criminals, you see.
They are stealing tax payers' money.
A fraud.

BTW, doesn't Karoly look alike someone a bit?

Yeah, another "David," David Keith of Calgary University. He is the one who said that geo-engineering(=chemtrails) can give humans a GOD LIKE POWER.

Prior to that meeting, on last Wednesday, I went to the city to the Parliament building thinking that was where Peter(who lectures about constitution) and his mates were going to have a media announcement of a birth of a new political party. I didn't have time to check his mail the night before to confirm the location, which was actually at VCAT steps!

Anyhow, there at the Parliament building, there was a police officer standing. I asked him if there was going to be such an event there, he told me he didn't know.

So I decided to use this opportunity and I asked him a question, "if someone lied to me and get some monetary gain because of that, isn't it a fraud?" and he said it's a CRIME!! thank you very much! ;o)

So I pointed out about this global warming swindle, and he said he has got his own personal opinion on that but he won't tell me, and he cannot comment any further. LOL

Then there came a few women, to protest there on the steps against abortion. I gave them my fliers, and one of them the oldest lady said she agrees with me 100%.

Then came another officer, an older guy approached me and told me that it's banned to hand out fliers around there incl the side walk on this side.

He told me to cross the street to go to the other side if I hand them out. If I do that on this side, he said he needed to have me give him my personal information along with my ID. I asked him why I need to, and what he was going to do with my information. He said it'd go to his record in case anything wrong happens. I said to him what kind of wrong thing can ever happen, he couldn't answer me but obviously getting frustrated.

He told me the reason why I cannot hand them out on that side is because of the law they made a couple of years ago.

So I told him that they the politicians are supposed to be working for us people but have been making up all kinds of laws which are breach on constitution etc, and he just didn't like it at all and started to threaten me that he could arrest me. So I asked him why he needs to arrest me when I wasn't handing the fliers out.

I still had my fliers in my hand and he told me to put them into my backpack, I refused that, and said that I'm not handing them out.

He was polite all right but just being so intimidating but instead of me getting scared, he got frustrated and irritated with my reaction. ;O)

Eventually I left the scene cause there was no reason for me to stay when I figured out that I missed Peter's event, so I crossed the road, pulled out my camera, and took a picture of the Parliament building with the officers,

and started handing out my fliers.


These recent experiences told me that they, especially those who are deliberately LYING are really scared of US! They want you to be scared of them but the reality is the other way around.

We need to let them know that WE KNOW THEY ARE LYING and THAT IS VERY WRONG!!

So please folks, do the same if you come across any opportunity like above. ;o)

Oh, I forgot to mention about another session with Rob Gell in Morwell prior to the chat with the police officers.

There were about 50 participants and most of them were all brainwashed all right along with a few spooks.

There also, I asked Rob about Climategate and geo-engineering.
I was trying to explain what they were assuming the participants didn't have any clue what they were all about, but the audience got irritated and urged me to "Ask a QUESTION!" therefore I asked his opinion on geo-engineering.

As for Climategate, he just said that two investigation that followed cleared it. And the latter, he said he didn't think it's time to go for it. I yelled that they've been doing it over a decade but everybody ignored me.

Talking to deaf ears?
Well, we've gotta keep trying. ;o)

Sometime in the past, when I told a Muslim friend of mine that some people say, "Aren't you gonna get killed!?" seeing me hand out fliers in the city, she said, "You are scared when you're doing something wrong."

Well, that's what exactly they are!

And in case you're still BELIEVING that myth, here's a short piece from Lord Monckton.

That's right, David Karoly didn't mention that ice in Antarctica is increasing.

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