Thursday, February 10, 2011

FEMA Concentration camp in Queensland!??

dontpoisonme sent me the link to his new video...

dontpoisonme | January 24, 2011 | 34 likes, 2 dislikes

The FEMA head came to Australia last year to give instructions (see P1) how to build the detention camps suitable to take Australians who reject the UN global government take over of the country when this region becomes the ASIAN UNION.. - Something that has been kept secret. - The IMF banking cartel will take over government as it has in Argentina, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain Ireland etc. Already 850 similar camps are built in America to hold over 40 million when the expected civil unrest begins, which will hold detainees for forced vaccinations and dissidents..

Australian people have been completely duped and deceived concerning the NWO UN CFR, planned take-over, and the corrupt media being also under the control of the IMF banking cartel demonise any whistle blower who raises the warnings as 'conspirators'.

In this planned attack on Australia, as in all previous take-overs, FIRST the UN coerce the Governments which are also CORPORATIONS to SELL OFF all public assets into private corporations, and it is found the BUYERS of such CORP's are from the USA ADMIN such as Halliburton, Rockefeller, KBR etc. then squeeze the economy, close the banks, take posession of all properties, and enforce vaccinations.



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