Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christchurch earthquake, caused by HAARP/Chemtrails!?

I believe I'm not the only one who thought about HAARP and chemtrails on the news of the earthquake in Christchurch.

Well, I found some videos and articles on the net.
First of all, take a look at this video,

Clare Swinney is a chemtrails watcher in North Island, NZ.

Next video is from another chemtrails watcher in Maui,

She says there are many other facilities with antennas like HAARP. Well I found them here. The one the criminals named after the prime minister they assasinated

(check out here)

is mentioned here.

The antenna aray at the latter is laid out as "metatron cube"

13 same size circles?
Well, I'm sure many of you are aware that 13 is actually a very lucky number especially for Illuminati.

Anyhow, above video talks about the comment posted on another YouTube video by elusive323 who lives in Bluff,

where they found more than 100 pilot whales the other day.

It's a shame that he didn't seem to have taken any photo of the rainbow he witnessed but it's interesting that he says it's not like this with arch,

but straight line up to the sky.

My daughter told me that she saw something like that a few times at school last year, and I myself saw an incomplete version of it.

You notice the band or belt of thick clouds close to the ground there? Well, I've seen those either close to the ground or upper in the sky fairly often which doesn't look natural at all to me.

Young people don't remember/don't know how natural clouds/sky looked like, so that actually is helping the culprits who've been showing chemtrails in movies, books etc to brainwash us.

I'd like you to compare that partial and vertical rainbow bit with this or this with natural arch and they are double, too.

A photo I found on "An American's perspective on New Zealand" which was also used on the Wikipedia,

was taken at the beach close to Auckland in July 2010, and I wonder if this was also artificial cause it looks pretty straight up.

This photo I took of a seemingly double rainbow,

showed up on the following day of the horrible bush fire on February 7, 2009.

It does look kinda spooky to me.
It's been taking so long to upload these images cause I've been encountering all sorts of harassment and no wonder, Alex Jones was saying that Google equals NSA, While I was writing this in Japanese, they AGAIN erased my entry after I wrote a fair bit, but they cannot beat me. I know what they are doing to us will definitely get back to THEM!! LOL

BTW, above video has got the image from NZ earthquake, of a collapsed building. Now I'd like you to compare that with some images from NYC on 9/11.

Instead of layers of concrete floors that we can see from the earthquake photo, they turned into baby powder like powder, and flew everywhere,

Even onto the water of the river,

and fell onto the ground like snow...

The tower itself looked like this,

How can those 9/11 Truth deniers ever make sense, saying our claim about controlled demolition is just a bogus?

Anyhow, back to what the lady in Maui said, that they were getting more quakes in Hawai'i, I took a look at that magnetometer record. When you open it, it shows up with 36 hour time frame, but I changed it to monthly. I didn't check all in the past, but for example, starting from April 2010,

May 2010

June 2010

August 2010

October 2010

November 2010

January 2011

And February 2011

We can see it's active here and there.

As somebody said somewhere, HAARP is the only one we can see some data like this and we have no idea what tens of other facilities are doing.

Last but not the least, I found some important images on Clare's article.

Her reader Karina lives in Rangiora, 25km north of Christchurch, and saw these images in the sky.

Please go to that article and read what Karina wrote as well as other information Clare put there especially in the comments. But I'll show you those photos Karina took on 21st, a day before the big earthquake between 3:17pm and 3:28pm..

I have seen a bit of color on the edge of a white cloud that you can see in the third photo many a time, but if you ever see anything like the first two photos, BEWARE.

In Australia, the Government caused flood here and there and now they're introducing the flood tax. In N.Z., they caused earthquakes and now talking about earthquake levy. Eh? Who cannot connect the dots?


Unknown said...

Good site and I feel you are quite right. I photograph the chemtrails in Melbourne and just before our major flash flood here I photoed many.Pictures taken this year on my Facebook. I have not recevied any harassment even though I constantly write on Alex Jone's site.
I believe the reason for the earthquake in NZ is because of your huge natural resources as outlined in Murder at Pike River? and your huge debt.Now the bankers and elite will help pay for the damage for trillions in return for destroying your environment and taking your natural wealth.
Giselle Wilding, Melbourne

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Giselle,

Thanks for your comment. I didn't know cause the e-mail I had(connected to this blog) was banned for me to access... and I'm in Victoria too. ;o)

Anonymous said...

The photo is great. THanks for sharing

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by and you are welcome.
Sorry I annot reply directly to your comment but that because Blogger doesn't give me that option but only to post a new comment.

Also, I don't remember why I wrote "Giselle" in reply to Danielle...

One thing I'd like to say to Danielle is that I suspect Alex Jones is not genuine. Yes, he has done a great job of waking so many up, yet he basically stirs up fear in us rather than anything else, and doesn't give us any solution. Talking about Solution, I've gotta rewrite/write a new on that.

Sean Luke said...

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