Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canadian City Votes NO To Fluoride In Water

Steeper33 | October 30, 2010

One day after Waterloo's October 25, 2010 public referendum vote to end water fluoridation, the close margin of the vote and promises to honour the vote are reiterated. Water fluoridation will be turned off. CTV News

Waterloo's Fluoridation Referendum Results & Commentary CTV News
Robert J. Fleming (Executive Director, WaterlooWatch) and Dr. Harry Hoediono (2010 President Elect, Ontario Dental Association) comment on the Region of Waterloo October 25, 2010 fluoridation referendum results, moments after artificial water fluoridation was voted out by a slim margin.


Hydrofluorosilicic Acid's Phosphate Mining & Production Origins, Plus The Co-Contaminants http://www.waterloowatch.com/hydrofluorosilicic%20acid.html

Forced Medication - Adding Fluoride To Our Water Should Be Our Choice

To Fluoride Or Not To Fluoride - Waterloo Will Vote

Canadian City Votes NO To Fluoride In Water

If you don't know about fluoride being horrible poison, please read this article below and take a look at the photos on the second link. And we've gotta have a referendum to get rid of it from Aussie tap water!

How We Got Fluoridated

Ministry of not-so-funny walks

Be careful not to drink too much tea(black or green), so that your total fluoride intake won't be so high......

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