Monday, September 6, 2010

Illuminati Warning: Martial Law Plans Revealed? Twitter: TheHumanati

For some reason, this doesn't allow me to put up a video up front. Please press the title above rather than that "Read more" below. Something is very weird here... constantly having trouble signing in, putting article up etc. Surely, they don't like me. Somebody messed up the clock within this blog as well. Who can do that, eh?
July 22, 2008

Like all television and movies the illuminati have an obligation to worn the ignorant public of there activities. If you are already conditioned to view this as entertainment or enter-tam-Mind then you will miss the message. Only those who are aware of the tools being used to implement Martial Law will get it. Most will condem me for scaring people. The truth is you have been afraid all your life. And if you understand our enemy just a little bit better you will then know that's exactly what they want. So be my guess and ridicule me and the rest of us trying to show you the truth. Just remember...It's your negative response they want.
Then I found this comment:

reply posted on 29-8-2008 @ 08:01 AM by Misfit

what the calssified hell was that ?!?!?!

What got me the most was the last line:

"A new Bill Of Rights will be drafted and approved by classified"

I take that as, if this bill is passed, we will formally, by law, have no rights ..... period


During one minute forty-six seconds of talk, the word "classified" is used 18 times.
That does NOT include the 8 seconds where the speaker was silently skimming past what seemed as nothing BUT the word classified, until he caught a few words in a sentence that he could speak.

It seemed to get the the speaker so greatly that so much was classified, that at one point he says "Jesus".

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Anyway, incredible!
But as a matter of fact, this video is just a hoax.
It's not C-SPAN but it's the Onion. DUH!

However, the problems I encounter here mentioned above ARE real.

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