Thursday, June 24, 2010

NWO-Agenda 21 Destroys BEES and environment

Everywhere, bees are disappearing.
In Japan, bee keepers strongly suspect incesticide called "neo-nicotinoid" they use for rice. Search and find out its connection with Bayer or Monsanto and THINK, folks.

Now I'm trying to watch this video but somebody doesn't want me to, the sound is not being provided right, and I cannot hear what Eddy has got to say at all after I managed to open the page(browser first refused to open it).

dontpoisonme | December 23, 2009

Agenda 21 UN NWO dictates that they have a 'Sustainable Development Program" which they push onto our Government under Treaty to the UN - BUT they destroy the Eco System with chemicals, and with Poison water - and with GM food crops particularly 'CANOLA" and "SOY", Canola is A GM item from RAPE SEED and a deadly poison to our LIVER. and it is responsible for TRIGGERING OBESITY - And yet our Government allows it to be used for cooking almost ALL TAKE-AWAY-FOOD -

BEES are being destroyed by H.A.A.R.P and (ELF) beams that disrupt the natural electro magnetic field of the earth which they need to tap into to navigate their way to the home hive.

THE collapse of a hive is from this HAARP activity causing the BEES to get lost on their way home.

GM Food crops are fatal to bees. But the Government falls into the trap of accepting the JUNK science from the Monsanto people from the USA.
Dr Denis Anderson Australian Scientist on SBS TV; CSIRO researching this problem;

USA has proven they have destroyed their farms by using the Monsanto chemicals, they have no bees in their Country, they need to import our Australian BEES, but our own bee hives are now subject to the same 'parasite' beetle intruder. Our own Government is also going to allow our country farmers to be ruined by allowing the same USA false fraudulent science to infiltrate our Government departments.

Without healthy bee colonies, we lose our food crops then we lose our food supplies.
H.A.A.R.P the secret weapon using billion watt radio beams, stopping rain, cause man-made climate change is also responsible for disrupting the earth's electro magnetic field that the BEES need to tap into to navigate back to the home hive. 'Millions' of bees cant find their way home which now referred to as the CCD Colony Collapse.

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