Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'Leader' of 9/11 Truth in Sydney John Bursill is an AGENT!!

Somebody on my list found a site with Bursill's brief bio written by Carol Brouillet.

Along with another fact I found on the net, I posted it on 911Blogger.com

I wrote:

Along with his good and close mate Ken Jenkins who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, what Bursill who has "served in the military, in the Australian Army (reserve) Infantry for 10 years, finishing up as acting Battalion Operations/Intelligence Sergeant" according to Carol's post here, who kept denying and ridiculing me when I said there are lots of spooks among us on "What hit the Pentagon?" while others helped him to bury my posts with lots of negative ratings, what he is trying to do here is...

simply to spread the disinfo that AA77 could have hit the Pentagon just like AA11 and UA175 which actually crashed into the Twin Towers!(I now rewrote this sentence and one below to clearly say what I meant. You can see the original in the image below)

At least, he is clearly saying it was possible with the Pentagon and WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??


And think why he denied what I said and tried to warn other truthers when he was actually an OPERATION/INTEL Sergeant who MUST KNOW, FULLY AWARE THAT HAPPENS(that there are many agents among us infiltrating and misleading us to divide us, destroy the movement and conquer) ALL OF THE TIME!?

I wouldn't be surprised that this comment will be again buried with tons of negative ratings or even, DELETED.

Let us see if the moderators have the guts to face the reality.
9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!
(end of what I wrote)

The screen shot of that comment posted:

but they deleted it AS EXPECTED.

They might do the same with that bio page.
So in case, here's what it said:

Now, I might be banned on that site... oh, I could log in!
I'll repost it though I'm sure they will delete it again.

Uh oh, I posted it but it doesn't get on the page!
They are censoring what I write OBVIOUSLY.

John Bursill is an agent and 911Blogger.com is run by agents!
Please see the facts without letting your emotion destruct you.

Anyway, please copy this, tell others and warn them!!
Here's my mail I sent to one of the moderators and he never ever got back to me. Guess he just wanted to know how much I figured out, and I did quite a bit!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Aus 911Truth
Date: Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: Hey John, thanks a lot for deleting my comment and now
To: John Wright

> One of the other moderators unpublished

You censor initial posts of a thread always, you have been, but comments get/got posted straight away IN THE PAST. Why, all of a sudden you or one of you censor mine?

> There are many former military and intelligence people

That doesn't make a good excuse.
Bursill himself said Stubblebine and Doug Rokke are 'wacky.'

That's exactly what we see in those who deny 9/11.
Do not argue the fact but ridicule the messengers.

I asked him why they are wacky, and he said somebody like Janice Matthews said that.

I asked Janice straight away cause I didn't think it was true.
Janice came back telling me that she would never judge or say anything like that to others.

I went back to Bursilll, and then he told me, "Oh, maybe it was Michael Wolsey...".
I sent a mail to Michael but got no reply.

They are claiming AA77 at the Pentagon together.
They are mates like Bursill with Jenkins though I'm not sure about Ken, yet it is a fact that he graduated from that CARNEGIE MELLON University. It's OUT on the net, so what's the problem of mentioning it? WHY do you need to hide it?

> what evidence do you have that he is "an agent" ?

His action and what he says.

I don't know where you stand and I don't even know you John, but to me, AA77 didn't hit the Pentagon. Physically, no evidence. It's exactly what Anthony Lawson says, keep telling people that AA77 hit the Pentagon when the photo/video images don't show it, sheeple believe it. Believe you watched his "This is an Orange" but watch it again now.

I think it was last June, he started that disinfo with Frank Legge, who worked for the Agricultural Department for "many years"(is what Frank told me). As usual(back then), we exchanged mails a lot and he couldn't present anything at all to convince me to agree what he claims, but kept being just aggressive like, "Back off Chihaya!" type things were what he could write back to me.

You see I fully trusted him in the past till then since we met in MAR08.
Yet, I had to finally start questioning why he is there and why he is doing what he's doing and/or saying.

Then I remember that episode of him(I put it on 911Blogger in my comment somewhere) taking my money but not sending me the DVDs I ORDERED BECAUSE his little child opened the envelope, threw away the envelope with my note inside but brought the money to him and he thought it was a generous donation.

I found that out weeks later cause no package was coming my way.

I called him and he was laughing telling me that.
I didn't doubt him at all, so I never thought about the possibility of him being an agent even then, but when I started to think about it, it all made sense.

That worked VERY WELL.

You see, he is the organizer of those wonderful 9/11 Truth events in Sydney.
He is in charge.

If anyone sends him money, he has to keep track of it.

I told him even then, when my daughter was small, I never let her touch anything like that and even if it happened, I would go into garbage to find out WHO SENT IT for WHAT purposes.

That was for DVDs that he was to copy and sell to truthers - he made an announcement of that idea shortly before by his BCC mail 'so that he could pay for the MAR08 conference.'

ESPECIALLY AFTER making such an announcement, HE SHOULD HAVE CHECKED WHO SENT IT but he did not care to do so. WHY NOT?

When I called him and found that out about his child opening up the mail which I now do not believe, he told me that his DVD burner died and he couldn't do that anymore. He didn't make that announcement by the way, when he was telling all sorts of things to his list time to time, and I had to wait for somebody else among his mates to do the job instead.

He succeeded to make me wait for so many weeks before I got the DVDs to hand out to passersby during my action.

Also, I'm pretty sure you won't see what I see, but I'll tell you this might as well.

Bursill told us by his BCC mail that they'd sell the DVDs of MAR08 conference for A$40 early APR08. I wrote him back saying "$40!??? Mmmmm..." cause I'm basically surviving here. He called me then, and told me that he would send me them with no charge, so HE ASKED ME MY POSTAL ADDRESS.

Again, I trusted him 100%, so gladly I gave him my address.
That was early APR08, probably around 10APR or so I figure from the date of my mail to him.

On 20APR08, came chemtrails RIGHT ABOVE OUR HOUSE.
It was SO LOW, I smelled burned metal sort of smell, which made me REAL SICK that night for FIVE HOURS and made me cough WEEKS AFTER WEEKS AFTER WEEKS AFTER WEEKS.

I watched "Aerosol Crimes" several years ago when my friend in Calif told me to watch it. She wrote me they were spraying there everyday. I watched it, but I couldn't really believe it.

NOW I had it over our heads, and I noticed a helicopter flying SO LOW in our area in the middle of the night. Once I went out to see it, it was around 11pm or later, it was REALLY LOW, right above us, and I smelled the similar "burned metal" smell. I even asked Bursill if helicopter would smell like that and he kindly denied it.

Another someone(apart from the one who found that page with his bio) who went to the MAR08 conference also told me that he had a doubt from day one about Bursill through the conversation they had. Another told me that when Bursill was at some other's conference(not on 9/11), he behaved in a manner 'very annoying to others'. That makes sense to me NOW cause he was portraying "9/11 truthers are wacky people" to others.

It's not just that bio John, it's what I've seen and heard over these years and months.

He's got a mate who runs the site 911oz.com.
When I found that site a few years ago, I was really happy!
There was someone in Aus who's doing it!! FINALLY!!

I contacted him right away, the webmaster Hereward Fenton,
Some would write "one Hereward Fenton" meaning it's not just me who think he is a spook.

Back then, I mean when I joined 911Blogger.com, I asked you or then moderator(Reprehensor) to add our mailing list URL to the list of 9/11 Truth groups in the world. I sent that request twice as far as I remember, but my request was totally ignored. WHY?

Anyhow, when I sent a mail to Hereward, he came back criticizing from IPS, vonKleist, LC, Dylan and all, Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, and even Stephen Jones!! Back then he had pages to criticize those people.

I thought it was VERY WEIRD.
I stopped contacting him.

When, the following year, when Hereward wanted to join our list, we asked why he did that. He could not give us any explanation at all, so we did not let him in.

A year or two after I found 911oz.com, I heard about Bursill's MAR08 conference FROM Mr. Fujita. He forwarded me Bursill's invitation! I never heard about it from anybody else. Ain't that weird.

I contacted Bursill, praised him for organizing such an event and when we met in Sydney, I told him about Hereward being weird. He defended him saying "Oh, he is a man who doesn't admit his mistakes" but also told me that Hereward told him we in Victoria were all bunch of weirdoes, so that was the reason why Bursill never tried to contact us.

I saw Hereward filming the event sitting at the first row.
I sat across from him at the first row on the other side but we never exchanged any word.
I could see something was wrong with him, you know(if you know), you sense it.

The vibe was not right.

That's what I felt when I watched their first(and a few other) video on YouTube.
Their video of their first action on street in Sydney shows they are standing in some isolated area where not many pedestrians are walking, hardly.

I'm not that familiar with Sydney, but I remember there are a lot busier place I've been before(that's prior to that MAR08). And when I do my action, I definitely stand where people constantly walk by me!

Somebody else had the same question apparently, I saw a guy asking that to them, both Hereward and Bursill on their forum(911oz.com) where they didn't give any decent reply at all.

Last November when Bursill sent some guys to my way, I finally realized that Kevin Bracken along with other guy at the Trades Hall who gave me 'a kiss of death' according to Andrew MacGregor, a 'private investigator of Port Arthur Massacre' a former Vic Police officer, whom I THOUGHT real 9/11 Truthers, plus many of those Bursill sent are all spooks.

I don't go into the details but what I saw tells me so.

Also I feel that some people who all of a sudden show up right before the anniversary of any year, to 'help' me actually do not really help me but just come and watch what I'm doing or say they'd help and make me sort of rely on them in some area but do not do the job so disappoint me and the result would be less than what I hope it'd be. Do you understand what I mean?

Bursill even wrote in his comment on 911Blogger saying as if it was my fault that I am doing my action all by myself(with my daughter) but nobody comes to help me, sort of thing.

I know there are many citizens who are citizens who are aware but I know they are a bit afraid, scared to do anything in public. I don't feel that way, so I do what I do. And contrary to what Bursill wrote, a few friends came to help a few times.

Sorry to say but he's got some mates to start a group with and that eventually grew what it is now over in Sydney, funding to hold good size conferences one after another, just like avaaz or Aussie version called GetUp! with the founders who went to JFK School of Economics in Harvard and worked at WTO or UN or that sort of places, showed up out of no where but collect so much donation to do whatever they want to promote BUT definitely ignoring 9/11 Truth, global warming SWINDLE, DU issue etc, real big lies.

I bet you would say "no hard evidence" but I have enough.


He is SUPPORTING THE OFFICIAL LIE by saying "AA77 probably crashed into the Pentagon, and AA11 and UA175 into the Towers in NYC." That's the official line many of us found absolute false.

He was trained to analyze and find out who is doing what where when etc as an OPE SGT, and doing his job to spread disinfo, divide us(like this) and eventually to destroy the movement from inside as an INTEL SGT.

Fairly recently, Bursill sent out Anthony Lawson's piece on treasonous something to his list saying "off topic but..." YET he never sent out Anthony's piece that I posted on 911Blogger! about those 'four allegedly hijacked airplanes' and there is no evidence to connect them with whatever hit the Twin Towers, Pentagon and 'crashed' in Shanksville.

The latter article was definitely RIGHT ON, about 9/11 Truth he is supposed to be promoting, but he ignored it and didn't let others know. WHY? BECAUSE IT'S VERY INCONVENIENT WITH HIS AGENDA OF MISLEADING THE CROWD.

I bet he has several mates here and there that incl Cosmos.
Sorry to say but when I met him in SYD MAR08, I thought he was like yakuza.

Yet, I didn't hold anything bad about him, I praised him for having started the action etc, and yet when I started to exchange some comments at 911Blogger, I sensed the same with Hereward and eventually and sadly with what I sense from Bursill.

John, we have tens of spooks even on Japanese forum site where I often post 9/11 stuff along with others such as Akira in Barcelona, another co-author of Mr. Fujita's book.

Think about it.
I have realized that the real evil criminals KNEW some citizens WILL SEE 9/11 was a lie.

So did they, people like Barrie Zwicker who saw the lie from DAY ONE.

Therefore, they had to be READY FOR IT.
They sent out tens of spooks here and there, let THEM start activities/movement SO THAT THEY CAN HAVE THE CONTROL OF THE MOVEMENT THEMSELVES. They can LEAD the entire bunch to wherever they wish.

Remember, spies have to have your full trust to do their job.
In order to do so, they act as a fervent wonderful and perfect truthers!!

Therefore, many would say, "NO WAY Bursill can be an agent!!" just being deceived by the performance as an actor.

And eventually, they(spies) can spread disinfo etc to MISLEAD the rest.

Folks WOULD LISTEN TO THEM BECAUSE THEY TRUST THEM like I did! THOUGH we DIDN'T LISTEN to the same story the Bush Administration OR the 9/11 Commission told us. WE REJECTED THAT BUT NOW, you are ACCEPTING IT! HELLO!????

One guy said, "Yes I wondered why Bursill always replied to me straight away while he is supposed to be working at Qantas? It's like as if he is almost always sitting in front of his computer." He also wonders about him not getting fired.

A while back when Qantas got rid of so many employees, I really worried about Bursill but he was JUST FINE. OK, probably because he is a very qualified engineer, you might say.

But when I've seen so many so far, my conclusion is John Bursill is an agent.

No wonder why Dave(vonKleist) told me, "I'm out Chihaya, I got fed up with too many plants."


Chihaya aka Aus911Truth

P.S. If you wish to forward this to others like other moderators, please let me know who they are first. Thank you.

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 1:49 AM, John Wright wrote:

One of the other moderators unpublished the comments (they are still there, only readable by moderators right now).

There are many former military and intelligence people in the 9/11 truth movement, I don't think that alone makes them suspect, do you? Other than disagreeing with John Bursill on some of the details regarding the events of 9/11 and chemtrails, what evidence do you have that he is "an agent" ?

Again, I ask why you included Ken Jenkins in your comments?

I hope that you and yours are well.



--- On Tue, 4/27/10, Aus 911Truth wrote:

From: Aus 911Truth
Subject: Re: Hey John, thanks a lot for deleting my comment and now

To: "John Wright"
Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 6:00 AM

Then, WHO deleted it?

Ever since I started to have doubts about Bursill in mid last year, I've got more and more convinced. He is an agent and I need to let others know that.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 8:01 PM, John Wright wrote:

I didn't delete anything. I just read that thread a few minutes ago myself.

What is it about Ken Jenkins that concerns you?


--- On Tue, 4/27/10, Aus 911Truth wrote:

From: Aus 911Truth
Subject: Hey John, thanks a lot for deleting my comment and now
To: "John Wright"
Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 2:41 AM

censoring me.


ChrispyT said...

I like John just fine. I don't think he's an agent, but yeah, the pentagon thing was quite divisive and his refusal to investigate chemtrails properly is unbecoming of a truther (that said, not everyone has time to get into ALL info' out there) - he should just say that he doesn't get into that stuff.
John has encouraged me to do my own thing and he's said 'the more motivated people there are the better, I can't do everything!' so... that doesn't sound like wanting to corral and mislead the group. In this truth stuff one has to always think for oneself and be motivated and active from one's own initiative. The Sydney actions have fizzled coz John needed a reprieve. Sadly noone took up the baton in organising/directing the actions. We're all to blame, not jsut the person we see as the 'leader'. BE and DO - don't follow. That's the real problem with truthers, like it is with ALL folks 'awake' or 'asleep'.

Aus911Truth said...

Sorry Chris, I saw a lot more than you did to say what I say. You see people's emotion blocks their eyes and shut their ears, and make them refuse to see the reality. And as I said many a time in the past, agents HAVE TO gain your trust fully otherwise they cannot do the job.

So many things he showed me absolutely indicate what I wrote here. John Bursill is an agent. You mentioned it but still are ignoring the fact that Bursill is selling the official story about the Pentagon and the planes at WTC.


Nephilim70 said...

A lot of the "leaders" of the 911truth movement have created "Parameters" of belief for their followers.

None may stray from the prefabricated fence of limits made by these shepherds of the truthsheeple. Even as a person can be awoken from their slumber they can still wander about with eyes wide shut.

Jon Gold, Alex Jones, Adam Davison, Les Jamieson, Simon Shack, Bill Deagle.... the list goes on and on... Certain 9-11truth celebrities have become well known for exposing 9-11truths and more recently BETTER known for covering up certain ASPECTS of that truth entirely. Trust no-one and verify the research on everything. BUT most of all: Remain independently active about seeking truth with allegiances to no-one or no group. The Powers that be really don't like independents.

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Nephilim70 s,

Thank you for your comment.

> Remain independently active about seeking truth with allegiances to no-one or no group.

Yes, I agree.

Though I haven't uploaded it in English, I also found Yumi Kikuchi and Akira Doujimaru(another one of Mr. Fujita's book's co-authors which include myself) are spooks. Oh, along with her husband Gen Morita, of course!

I had doubts about Akira for some time because he's doing the same as Bursill is, and I came to above conclusion when she made me help fix their horribly incorrect translation of "ZERO." She finished it by stealing my correct job here and there with no payment nor reward made my way.

Kikuchi approached me about 20 years ago when I was volunteering for environmental issue and the Earth Day. This time, since many posters at asyra.com agreed with me, I did a bit of search further and found out that she stole more than 10 million yen when she collected donation to put a full page ad on the NY Times which came out in October, 2001. That was AFTER Bush started bombing Afghanistan.

You should be able to figure that out by looking at images I put on