Monday, April 12, 2010

Brave ex-Marine tells viewers about chemtrails on TV!!

HURRAY TO KEVIN LOLLIS the meteorologist at KTLV in Medford, Oregon!!

While his weather forecast explanation, he pointed out some 'bands of clouds' and explains what they are.

He says(as you can listen to - below video):

...southern and northern California, we've got a bit of unusual situation, now this first portion of radar cycle fairly bland and typical but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region.

That is not rain, that is not snow.

Believe it or not, military aircraft flying to the region, dropping chaff

Small bits of aluminium, sometimes made of plastic or even m..m..., metalikized, metalicized paper products.

But its use is an anti-radar issue and obviously they're at the proxy.

Now they won't confirm that but I was in a marine corp for many years and I'll tell you right now, that's what it is.

YES, that's it! though I bet there are some more purposes than just an anti-radar thingy.

Thanks Kevin!!

That's what millions of people around the world were waiting to hear from somebody inside and especially ON TV!! ;O)

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